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Lessons from a decade of student activism in the UK
Hector Rios-Jara | zcomm.org | 2021-01-06
The pandemic has exposed the disgraceful failures of market reforms in the British higher education sector. But the resistance of students continues…

40% Of Chicago Teachers And Staff Didn't Report To Schools As Ordered
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-06
About 40% of Chicago Public Schools teachers and staff who were expected to report to schools Monday for the first time during the pandemic didn't show up for in-person work, officials said Tuesday, accusing the Chicago Teachers Union of pressuring its members to defy the district's orders. | In all, about half of teachers and three-quarters of school-based support staff in preschool and special education cluster programs returned to classrooms as expected, accounting for 60% of those 4,400 employees scheduled to go back to specific schools, the district announced. Officials didn't immediately provide data on ano…

Free Grocery Store Opens In District With High Number Of Poor Students
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-06
This month, the principal of Linda Tutt High School in the small town of Sanger, Texas, said he was approached by an eighth grader eager to share that he had bought a three-in-one men's shampoo, conditioner and body wash. | "The first thing he did was he said: 'Hey. Look in my hair,'" the principal, Anthony Love, recalled in an interview Tuesday. | "And so I looked at it, and it looked clean," Love said. "But he was excited about it because it was the first time he's ever had his own shampoo." | The student, who lives with his mother and sister, said he had avoided using their shampoo because of the smell, Love s…

Greece: From A Covid Coup To A Covid Junta
Evans Aggelissopoulos | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-06
In the end, only a Grand Coalition of all Covidian parties will become inevitable, either as a consequence of a rebellion or prior to one… | The Greek government is trying to excel in its imposition of totalitarian rules for a …

COVID-19 and Induced Insanity in the UK, the Global Lab Rat
Dr. David Halpin | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-06
There were several events typical of predictive programming. | The World Economic Forum October 21st 2020 meeting and the Great Reset was one (1). | Here in Britain the orchestration of central, NHS and local responses to a respiratory disease suggested …

Iranians at forefront of science, vaccine production
Mehr News Agency | en.mehrnews.com | 2021-01-06
TEHRAN, Jan. 06 (MNA) — Hailing that Iranian scientists are always at the forefront of science in the world, a parliament member said that therefore, Iran can rely on domestic capabilities in producing the Covid-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccines: Differences, costs, and challenges
Peoples Dispatch | peoplesdispatch.org | 2021-01-06
The beginning of the new year has brought with it some hope as different countries have started administering vaccinations against COVID-19. This has been the fastest development of a vaccine ever, with a number of research collaborations to make this feat possible. But many challenges also remain.

Assange Extradition Denial Indicts US Prison System But Imperils Journalism
Prof. Marjorie Cohn | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-06
Julian Assange's legal victory this week was bittersweet. In a stunning decision, British judge Vanessa Baraitser denied Donald Trump's request for extradition of Assange to the United States, ruling that he was at high risk of suicide if he were …

We Are at War
Peter Koenig | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-06
We are at war. Yes. And I don't mean the West against the East, against Russia and China, nor the entire world against an invisible corona virus. | No. We, the common people, are at war against an ever more authoritarian …

21-year-old college student elected Mayor of Kerala Capital
Eds. | mronline.org | 2021-01-06
Ms Rajendran had won from the Mudavanmughal ward of the city corporation, bagging 2,872 votes, 549 more than the rival Congress candidate.

What to Expect in 2021: Madness, Mayhem, Manipulation and More Tyranny
John W. Whitehead | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-06
"Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to …

Diversity in Medical Schools–Need for a New Bold Approach
Yancy CW, Bauchner H. | jamanetwork.com | 2021-01-05
In this issue of JAMA, Montgomery Rice details the wrenching history of Black men and women and medical education and the many challenges still thwarting the long-standing goal of increasing diversity in US medical schools. From her purview as dean at Morehouse School of Medicine, she offers unique insights and specifically illuminates the failure to increase the enrollment of Black medical students, especially at new medical schools, many of which have explicitly adopted diversity as a foundational pillar of contemporary mission statements. As a consequence, the medical schools serving historically Black college…

Minnesota Is Changing The Way It Teaches Social Studies
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-05
Minnesota's K-12 social studies standards are undergoing extensive revisions in search of a more inclusive approach that teaches about people previously left out of the discussion. | A diverse committee's first draft, now open for public comment, gives greater consideration to the Dakota and Anishinaabe tribes and covers for the first time the civil rights struggles of LGBTQ people. | The draft standards, according to Doug Paulson, the state education department's academic standards director, are "more inclusive" and "culturally affirming." | Still, some committee members think the first draft doesn't go far enou…

Brazilian state governments push to reopen schools as COVID-19 deaths approach 200,000
wsws.org | 2021-01-05
Brazil's ruling elite is declaring education an essential service in order to reopen schools, even as the pandemic spirals out of control.

Chicago mayor orders teachers back to schools under threat of termination
Nicholas Stender | liberationnews.org | 2021-01-05
In this climate of intimidation, political winds might be shifting.

Beloved El Paso, Texas teacher dies from COVID-19 as Governor presses schools to reopen
wsws.org | 2021-01-05
The reopening of schools across Texas, enforced by Republican Governor Greg Abbott has been a major factor behind the surge of the pandemic in El Paso and throughout the state since August.

Chicago coronavirus conflict: Parents vs. the school board
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2021-01-05
CHICAGO–The continuing nationwide conflict over reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic is pitting Chicago's parents, teachers, and students, who don't want to reopen for in-person learning until it's safe to do so, against the school system's big boss, Chancellor Janice Jackson, the Chicago Public Schools board and city Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who appointed both. But …

Hundreds of Arizona teachers stage sickouts to prevent in-person learning as cases skyrocket
wsws.org | 2021-01-05
At least 750 Phoenix-area teachers are expected to participate in sickouts Tuesday in opposition to schools reopening to in-person instruction this week amid record surges in COVID-19 cases throughout Arizona.

Chicago schools press ahead with reopening despite wide opposition among teachers and parents
wsws.org | 2021-01-05
Even though only 23 percent of families opted to return their students to in-person schooling, the district has maintained its aggressive push to bring educators and children back into classrooms.

Defying CPS, Some Chicago Teachers Union Members Won't Return To Schools
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-05
The Chicago Teachers Union says some of its members are choosing not to return to school buildings on Monday, in defiance of Chicago Public Schools' reopening plans. | The union said Sunday it is "rejecting CPS' effort to force thousands more back into unsafe buildings beginning this Monday" and that teachers intend to continue providing their lessons remotely "until buildings are safe" for them and for students. | Additionally, more than 30 aldermen signed on to a letter sent Sunday to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson, saying they were "deeply concerned" that the reopening plan…

Selected Articles: Venezuela Elections: A Key Victory for Anti Imperialist Movement in Latin America
Global Research News | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
Who to Believe about Venezuela's Election? US Meddling | By Rick Sterling, January 05 2021 | On election day, Sunday December 6, we visited many different elections sites. Typically, the election voting takes place at a school, with five or ten | …

PREVIEW: What to Look for in the December Jobs Report
Karen Conner | cepr.net | 2021-01-05
(The monthly Employment Situation is scheduled for release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday, January 8th at 8: 30 AM Eastern Time.) Soaring coronavirus infection rates are likely to be the main story in the employment report in December. Fear of the pandemic, coupled with new state and local restrictions, has led to a fall in …

'Exhausted' university student in tears over 'lack of support' during pandemic
The Canary | thecanary.co | 2021-01-05
An "exhausted" university student has gone viral after sharing an emotional post about the lack of support she says students have received during the pandemic.Kiera Murrell, who studies psychology at the University of Bournemouth, shared a photo of herself in tears and wrote: "In case anybody wondered how it looked or felt to be a university student in a pandemic."I am so exhausted and drained. I have spent my afternoon crying into a Terry's chocolate orange because I have received not a single bit of support since university moved online in March, just like everybody else on my course." | A university student in…

Video: Ontario Death Count includes People who didn't die of COVID-19
Global Research News | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The following report (excerpts) was published in early October 6, 2020 by the Toronto Sun. The report confronts the legitimacy of the policies which are now being enforced in the province. | Below are excerpts of the Toronto Sun report by | …

Video: Ontario Death Count includes People who didn't die of COVID-19
Global Research News | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The following report (excerpts) was published on October 6, 2020 by the Toronto Sun. The report confronts the legitimacy of the policies which are now being enforced in the province. | . | Below are excerpts of the Toronto Sun report by | …

A New Year's Wish: Let's Remove Israel from American politics
Philip Giraldi | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
There has been one good thing about the COVID-19 virus — for the first time many among the general public are beginning to ask why a rich country like Israel should be getting billions of dollars from the United States …

Draconian NY Police State Assembly Bill: Indefinite Detainment of "Disease Carriers"
Stephen Lendman | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
Draconian NY State Assembly Bill A416 calls for indefinitely detainment of residents considered to be "disease carriers (sic)." | It's aimed at seasonal flu/influenza, diabolically disguised as covid. | It's all-about wanting to eliminate fundamental freedoms on the phony pretext of | …

Polarization, Then A Crash: Michael Hudson On The Rentier Economy
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-01-05
I'm delighted to have Michael Hudson join us today. He'll be discussing how under a neoliberal shift from industrial to finance capitalism, today's most pressing economic conflict is not simply between labor and employers. It's a conflict in which rentier interests have the upper hand over labor, industry and government together. This is the political economy in which the COVID-19 economic shock is playing out with dire consequences. Michael Hudson is a research professor of economics at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and a research associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. Michael Huds…

Iran ready to test advanced generation of COVID-19 vaccine
Mehr News Agency | en.mehrnews.com | 2021-01-05
TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (MNA) — Virology Research Director of Pasteur Institute of Iran said the the country is ready to enter human test in advanced generation of coronavirus, COVID-19, vaccine.

Covid Is an Orchestration for Serving an Agenda: The Destruction of Freedom, The Imposition of Digital Money
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The accumulated evidence is overwhelming that Covid is an orchestration the purpose of which is to eliminate human autonomy and make the concept of freedom a dirty word that will bring you Covid illness and death. | As physical currency is | …

The GSK — Pfizer Multibillion Dollar Global Vaccine Monopoly
Prof Michel Chossudovsky | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
It's Big Pharma, It's Big Money. It's the multibillion dollar global vaccine market. | In August 2019, five months before the onslaught of the Covid-19 crisis, two of the largest Worldwide Pharma conglomerates decided to join hands in a strategic relationship …

The Julian Assange Extradition Verdict
Dr. Binoy Kampmark | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The barrister-brewed humour of Edward Fitzgerald QC, one of the solid and stout figures defending a certain Julian Assange of WikiLeaks at the Old Bailey in London, was understandable. Time had worn and wearied the parties, none more so than …

"It's not as bad as Iwo Jima, I suppose": The Julian Assange Extradition Verdict
Dr. Binoy Kampmark | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The barrister-brewed humour of Edward Fitzgerald QC, one of the solid and stout figures defending a certain Julian Assange of WikiLeaks at the Old Bailey in London, was understandable. Time had worn and wearied the parties, none more so than …

Dietro il verdetto di Londra su Julian Assange
Manlio Dinucci | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
Da un processo ingiusto — quello di Londra a Julian Assange, fondatore di WikiLeaks — è scaturita una sentenza che a prima vista appare giusta: la non-estradizione del giornalista negli Stati uniti, dove lo attende una condanna a 175 anni …

Who to Believe about Venezuela's Election? US Meddling
Rick Sterling | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
In early December I travelled to Venezuela to be an election observer at their national assembly election. I was part of a group of eight persons from Canada and US organized by CodePink. There were about two hundred international observers …

Video: The Darkest Winter (2020)
Derrick Broze | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
This text was originally published on October 28, 2020 shortly before the US November elections. | This message is for anyone who has concerns about the upcoming U.S. elections, the potential for chaos and civil unrest, or those who fear what …

Full Spectrum Dominance: UN General Assembly Voting Reveals the Truth
Carla Stea | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The final most important UN General Assembly resolutions were just voted on in December, and, the voting is incredibly significant. The United States (and Israel or Ukraine) opposed almost every constructive resolution just adopted. It is truly shameful, and although | …

Incorrect Data in Table and in Results Section
jamanetwork.com | 2021-01-05
In the Research Letter entitled "Incidence of Malformations After Early Pregnancy Exposure to Modafinil in Sweden and Norway," published in the September 1, 2020, issue of JAMA, there were incorrect data in the Table and in the Results section. In the Table, third row from the bottom, "Psychoanaleptics (ATC code N06)h," the data should be "41 (30.9)" in the "Exposed to modafinil" column. In the last row, same column, the data should be "3 (2.3)." In the Results section, second paragraph, second sentence, the last part of the sentence should be "resulting in a prevalence rate of 2.3% and a crude risk ratio of 1.06…

Venezuela Elections: A Key Victory for Anti Imperialist Movement in Latin America
Alison Bodine | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The people of Venezuela have dealt another decisive blow against U.S. domination in Latin America. On December 6, 2020, more than 6.2 million Venezuelans voted for a new National Assembly in what was Venezuela's 25 election in the 21 | …

A Medical and Scientific New Year's Wish List
Bauchner H. | jamanetwork.com | 2021-01-05
The last 4 years have been difficult for science and medicine. The relentless attack by members of the executive and legislative branches of government on science and federal agencies that conduct science has shaken the fundamental pillars of great US institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and in some regards the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Although the 2020 NIH budget increased to almost $42 billion, more individuals are uninsured, and although health care costs have not increased substantially over the past 4 y…

Debating Maoism in Contemporary China
Elizabeth Perry | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
Xi Jinping's frequent references to Mao Zedong, along with Xi's own claims to ideological originality, have fueled debate over the significance of Maoism in the PRC today. | The discussion recalls an earlier debate, at the height of the Cold War, …

Brutal Human Rights Abuses: Torture, Sanctions and Failure to Address "Economic Rights"
Rod Driver | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
"Wrong things are done in the name of Islam, worse things are being done in the name of democracy and human rights" (Dr. Mohamed Mahathir, former Malaysian Prime Minister(1)) | Torture — Legal Black Holes | Some philosophers have suggested that | …

People in Debt Have Formed a Union to Fight Back
Eve Ottenberg | zcomm.org | 2021-01-05
The Debt Collective operates as a debtors' union that provides useful tools for debtors to dispute any debt in collections, errors in a credit report, wages or a tax return being taken, and tools to defend against repayment for federal student loans…

How an Austrian and British Malthusian Brainwashed a Generation of Americans
Matthew Ehret-Kump | globalresearch.ca | 2021-01-05
The creation of false opposites has been a long-standing obstacle to human progress. | From the ancient pleasure-seeking Epicureans who argued against the logic-heavy Stoics of ancient Rome to the war of "salvation through faith vs works" that schismed western Christianity, …

Another Last-Minute Poison Pill: Trump Administration Kneecaps EPA's Use of Sound Science To Protect Public Health
commondreams.org | 2021-01-05

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education lays off educators, closes schools
wsws.org | 2021-01-04
As with hundreds of other colleges and universities around the country, at PASSHE the pandemic has prompted massive shortfalls in revenue, compelling school officials to lay off faculty and staff and reduce educational opportunities for students.

Chilean High School Students Occupy the Ministry of Education
telesurenglish.net | 2021-01-04
Student union leaders of the Coordinating Assembly of Secondary Students (ACES) took over the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) in protest of the country's University Transition Test (PTU). | The incident was recorded on Monday morning when the protesters arrived at the Mineduc headquarters and chained themselves to the front of the building. | RELATED: | Chilean Students Protest Controversial Exam in Santiago | After this action, Carabineros personnel arrested nine people, including a…

Education union defies the government as Matt Hancock is accused of gaslighting
Eliza Egret | thecanary.co | 2021-01-04
The government's incompetence in dealing with the pandemic has reached new levels, as it continues to ignore unions and teachers and insists on keeping schools open. If the government has its way, millions of children are set to mix in schools over the coming days. | But headteachers are beginning to defy the government and keep schools closed. Some 400,000 people attended the National Educ…

Sri Lanka webinar: Education safety committee to discuss the fight against unsafe school reopenings
wsws.org | 2021-01-04
Urgent action must be taken to save lives, and secure the right to education, against the Rajapakse government's hazardous return-to-work policies.

Macron government refuses calls to cancel school reopenings as pandemic surges
wsws.org | 2021-01-04
The Macron government has refused calls by medical specialists and teacher and parent groups for the cancellation or postponement of in-person classes.