2022-11-17: News Headlines

Lindsey German (2022-11-17). Polish missile crisis shows, again, why Ukraine war must end. peoplesworld.org The news on Tuesday that a Russian missile had killed two people in a Polish village on the border with Ukraine was greeted with trepidation by many. The implications were clear: Poland is in NATO, therefore any military attack upon the country meant that Article 5 of the NATO charter could be invoked. It deems …

Staff (2022-11-17). Sweden to Change Constitution to Allow 8 Years in Prison for Revealing Relations with NATO. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2022-11-17). The War in Ukraine, Geopolitical Forecast. The Kremlin's "Indecision" "The War Will Continue to Widen": Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. globalresearch.ca

George D. O'Neill, Jr. (2022-11-17). Blame the Deep State for Carnage in Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

David Penner (2022-11-17). The Church of Humanitarian Intervention Threatens the Survival of Our Species. The Destruction of Russia and China on the Drawing Board of the Pentagon. globalresearch.ca

John Leake (2022-11-17). Misinformation: AP Admits Erroneously Reporting Russian Attack on Poland. globalresearch.ca

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2022-11-17). Norway Signs Arms Trade with US in Anti-Russian Paranoia. globalresearch.ca

WSWS (2022-11-17). Federal appeals court blocks Biden's student loan forgiveness plan indefinitely. wsws.org Six Republican-led state governments deliberately filed their suit against the program before one of the most right-wing appeals courts in the country.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2022-11-17). Privacy Woes: Google's "Location History" Settlement. globalresearch.ca

WSWS (2022-11-17). Union representing 55,000 Ontario education support workers announces strike for November 21. wsws.org All indications are that the CUPE leadership has no intention of allowing Monday's strike to go ahead. Instead, they are using the strike notice both as a bargaining chip with the government in negotiations and to placate the militancy of the rank-and-file, which is still angered and frustrated by the bureaucracy's scuttling of their previous strike.

WSWS (2022-11-17). The Quebec unions and the Ontario education workers' struggle—how the bureaucracy sows disunity. wsws.org Both in Quebec and in English Canada, the union apparatuses do everything to isolate, divide and sabotage workers' struggles—especially when they pose a potential challenge to the capitalist political and social order.

Andrew Korybko (2022-11-17). The US Hinted that It Might Sanction Ethiopia on Human Rights and Military Pretexts. globalresearch.ca

Colin Todhunter (2022-11-17). Reimagining Food, Farming and Humanity: Ecomodernism's Dystopia. globalresearch.ca

Connor Echols (2022-11-17). How a Lightly-sourced AP Story Almost Set Off World War III. globalresearch.ca

Didi Rankovic (2022-11-17). Google Is Sued for Auto-installing COVID "Spyware" on People's Phones. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Drew Pinsky (2022-11-17). Video: In Denmark, Death Rates Skyrocket. Something Horrible Is Going on! globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2022-11-17). The "Fact Check" Scam. Who Checks the "Fact Checkers?" globalresearch.ca

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2022-11-17). Den Kriegstreibern in den Arm fallen Neuer "Krefelder Appell" globalresearch.ca Alle Artikel von Global Research kà∂nnen in 51 Sprachen gelesen werden, indem Sie die Schaltflà§che Website àºbersetzen unterhalb desnewsauthor">Ns des Autors aktivieren. | Um den tà§glichen Newsletter von Global Research (ausgewà§hlte Artikel) zu erhalten, Folgen Sie …

Global Research News (2022-11-17). Selected Articles: U.S. "Weaponized" Dollar Economics. "This Global Instrument of Fraud and World Dominance Must be Broken Once and for All" globalresearch.ca By For decades the world has been exposed to US-weaponized dollar-economics — US sanctions dished …

International Crimes Investigative Committee (2022-11-17). Video: Suddenly Changed? Personality Changes After mRNA Injection. globalresearch.ca

John Leake (2022-11-17). "The Covid mRNA Vaccine Causes Cardiac Arrests, Heart Attacks, Strokes… : Leading British Cardiologist, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, and Dr. Peter McCullough Independently Come to Same Conclusion. globalresearch.ca

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano (2022-11-17). The FBI and "Zero-Click". Surveillance Software Called Pegasus. globalresearch.ca

Leila Warah (2022-11-17). 'All we could do was watch': Israeli Army Demolishes Six Family Homes in Occupied West Bank. globalresearch.ca

Paul Bischoff (2022-11-17). Internet Censorship 2022: A Global Map of Internet Restrictions. globalresearch.ca

Richard Tanter (2022-11-17). Prepping for a China War: The United States and the New Arc of Militarization Across Northern Australia. asia-pacificresearch.com

Shane Trejo (2022-11-17). Meet the Globalist Billionaires Behind the Presidential Ambitions of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. globalresearch.ca

Tamara Lich (2022-11-17). Canada's Freedom Convoy Leader Tamara Lich: "I'm Breaking My Silence" globalresearch.ca

Zero Hedge (2022-11-17). Climate Change Hysteria and the Extinction Rebellion. Extinction Rebellion Activists Have Worn Out Their Welcome and the Public Is Angry. globalresearch.ca

Bruce C.T. Wright (2022-11-17). Why Were UVA Football Players Shot? Reports Hint At Accused Student-Gunman's Motive. newsone.com Source: Win McNamee / Getty | UPDATED: 7: 00 p.m. ET, Nov. 16, with testimony at first court appearance. | Original story published on Nov. 15. | The accused gunman behind a deadly mass shooting on the University of Virginia's campus last weekend "targeted" his victims, a witness told the police,

WSWS (2022-11-17). Part-time faculty walk out at The New School in New York City, joining University of California as strike wave of academic workers in US grows. wsws.org Over 1,600 part-time faculty members went on strike at the New School in New York City Wednesday morning, joining 48,000 University of California graduate student workers who began their strike at the beginning of the week at 10 UC campuses across the state.

WSWS (2022-11-17). World Socialist Web Site readers in North Asia support online public meeting to fight "let it rip" COVID policies. wsws.org Sunday's public meeting will outline a political perspective, including the building of independent rank-and-file committees, to unify health workers, teachers and other sections of workers in the fight for decent wages, working conditions and the elimination of COVID-19.

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2022-11-16). Stop the Warmongers. The New "Krefeld Appeal". "NATO out — out of NATO" globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2022-11-16). Russian Rockets Hit Poland: An Excuse for NATO Article 5? globalresearch.ca

AFP (2022-11-16). Germany, Spain to Train Ukraine Troops Under EU Program. globalresearch.ca

Eric Zuesse (2022-11-16). U.S. Will Have Spent $100 Billion on Ukraine this Year. globalresearch.ca

Judicial Watch (2022-11-16). Defense Department Records Reveal U.S. Funding of Anthrax Laboratory Activities in Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

M. K. Bhadrakumar (2022-11-16). Russia Strategises with Iran for the Long Haul in Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

Peoples Dispatch (2022-11-16). Daily Round-up | Ukraine conflict, economy key issues as G20 summit begins & other stories. peoplesdispatch.org In today's episode, we bring you stories of the first day of the G20 summit, a strike by California student-workers, the killing of a minor by Israeli soldiers in Palestine, and rights groups condemning a UK-France deal on migrants…

Dave DeCamp (2022-11-16). Biden Says It's 'Unlikely' Missile that Hit Poland Was Fired from Russia. globalresearch.ca

Pepe Escobar (2022-11-16). Russia, India, China, Iran: The Quad that Really Matters. globalresearch.ca

Canadian Tire Fire (2022-11-16). Canadian Tire Fire #48 : Education Workers on Wildcat Strike, Housing and Homelessness Actions. itsgoingdown.org photo: @cersc_csppb This week we cover the 2-day illegal education workers strike in Ontario that almost turned into a general strike. We also bring you a roundup of housing justice, shelter, and houseless encampment news from across the country. While we don't have a full section on the struggle against Coastal Gaslink this week, the…

Glenn Daigon (2022-11-16). Midterm Elections Proved Americans Overwhelmingly Support Public Education. commondreams.org Republican candidates for governor thought they had the winning education playbook, but voters had other ideas.

Arpan Rai (2022-11-16). Poland Says Missile Strike Was 'Unfortunate Accident'. globalresearch.ca

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-11-16). The Zelensky-Bush War Rally. globalresearch.ca

Community Alliance for Global Justice (2022-11-16). An Open Letter to Bill Gates on Food, Farming, and Africa. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović (2022-11-16). World War I, History of the Kingdom of Serbia: The First Defeat of the Central Powers in the Great War: The 1914 Battle of Cer. globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-11-16). Earliest evidence of human cooking found at Israeli archaeological site. ecns.cn Israeli researchers have discovered the world's oldest fish supper – a carp-like fish displaying the earliest signs of having been cooked by prehistoric humans 780,000 years ago.

En.mehrnews (2022-11-16). Iran, Venezuela sign MoU on academic cooperation. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 16 (MNA) — An extensive academic cooperation MoU was signed between Iran and Venezuela in the presence of Iran's Minister of Science Research and Technology and Venezuelan vice president Gabriela Jiménez.

F. William Engdahl (2022-11-16). How Blackrock Investment Fund Triggered the Global Energy Crisis. globalresearch.ca

Felix Abt (2022-11-16). Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About: 'Good' Wars, 'Good' War Criminals, 'Good' Dictators, 'Good' Separatists, 'Good' Oligarchs, 'Good' Money Launderers—And Their Antitheses! globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2022-11-16). Selected Articles: Analysis on the US Midterm Elections. Voter Fraud? globalresearch.ca By So far, to the surprise of most people, there are no clear results yet of the US Midterm Elections. The Republicans have won …

Harvey Simpkins (2022-11-16). Separate Deadly Incidents at American Universities Highlight the Ongoing Epidemic of Mass Violence in the United States. globalresearch.ca

ICFHRIP (2022-11-16). UN Member States Fall Short on Accountability for Philippine Mass Killings. asia-pacificresearch.com

Kyle Anzalone (2022-11-16). US, Japan to Start Large-Scale War Games as Biden Meets with Xi. globalresearch.ca

Monet Bailey (2022-11-16). The bacteria behind leprosy disease could regenerate livers. healtheuropa.com In a groundbreaking discovery, researchers have found that parasites behind leprosy disease can reprogramme cells to increase the size of a liver. The latest findings from a research team from the University of Edinburgh suggest the possibility of adapting this natural process from leprosy disease to renew ageing livers and increase health span which is …

Monet Bailey (2022-11-16). University of Oxford researchers discover a key cause of type 2 diabetes. healtheuropa.com New research has illuminated the key cause of type 2 diabetes, finding that high blood glucose reprograms the metabolism of pancreatic cells. Around 415 million people globally are living with diabetes. Within this figure, nearly five million people are diagnosed every year in the UK, costing the NHS £10 billion each year. Around 90% of …

Peter Ford (2022-11-16). "The US is a Paper Tiger where Saudi Arabia is concerned": Interview with Ambassador Peter Ford. globalresearch.ca

Peter Koenig (2022-11-16). U.S. "Weaponized" Dollar Economics. "This Global Instrument of Fraud and World Dominance Must be Broken Once and For All" globalresearch.ca

Rian Overy (2022-11-16). CBD content has no bearing on cannabis safety. healtheuropa.com The CBD content of cannabis has no effect on the drug's safety, according to researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King's College London. The researcher's findings challenge the widely held belief that higher CBD content in cannabis protects the user from psychotic experiences and memory problems. The research team have urged …

Rian Overy (2022-11-16). COVID-19 virus can reactivate myalgic encephalomyelitis. healtheuropa.com According to researchers from Linkà∂ping University COVID-19 can reactivate viruses that had become latent in cells, particularly in people with myalgic encephalomyelitis. Severe, long-term fatigue, post-exertional malaise, pain, and sleep problems are all signs of myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. The cause of the condition is still not fully understood, although it …

Rian Overy (2022-11-16). Making brain tumour surgery safer with quantum sensors. healtheuropa.com Researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz (HIM) have been developing new technology to make brain tumour surgery safer. Removing a brain tumour is a challenging operation for surgeons. They must remove the tumour without damaging any healthy brain tissue, therefore, it is highly important that surgeons closely monitor the …

Richard Norton-Taylor (2022-11-16). Perverse Priorities: Cut Public Spending, Keep Nuclear Arms and Warplanes. globalresearch.ca

Sameena Rahman (2022-11-16). Israeli Nuclear Arsenal Condemned by World's Governments in Overwhelming UN Vote. globalresearch.ca

Scott Bennett (2022-11-16). U.S. Military Psychological Operations (PSYOP): "The Weaponization of Information" In Support of Global Military Conquest. globalresearch.ca

Susan Dunham (2022-11-16). The Corona Crisis has "Broken our Relationships and Crushed our Souls", "Courageous Voices have Emerged to Speak to the Hysteria of our Time" globalresearch.ca

Ted Snider (2022-11-16). Is this the Time for Peace? globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-11-16). Major high-tech expo opens in southwest China. ecns.cn The 10th China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International High-Tech Expo commenced Wednesday in the city of Mianyang, southwest China's Sichuan Province.

____ (2022-11-16). Students from China 'welcome' at U.S. colleges. ecns.cn A senior U.S. State Department official said that efforts are being made to reduce barriers and cut waiting times for Chinese applying for student visas after enrollments from China dropped in the 2021-22 school year.

Editor (2022-11-16). University of California workers launch largest academic strike in U.S. history. mronline.org Workers in the U.S. continue to make waves in historically unorganized sectors such as academia and service.

Editor (2022-11-16). UC's Student Workers Can't Afford California. scheerpost.com

Fight Back (2022-11-16). Denver students bring the fight for demilitarization to campus CEO. fightbacknews.org Denver, CO – On November 10, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) continued their campaign against the Auraria Campus Police Department's (ACPD) ongoing participation in the Department of Defense's 1033 program, otherwise referred to as the LESO Program. The program provides police departments with military grade weapons and supplies. | Members of SDS Denver and their fellow students had a speakout at the center of campus, where they made their voices heard on the issue of campus militarization and the 1033 program. | A group of over a dozen students marched to Colleen Walker's office, who is the chief…

Fight Back (2022-11-16). Tallahassee: SDS protests transphobic Board of Medicine decision. fightbacknews.org Tallahassee, FL — On November 9, Florida State University Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held a protest against the recent decision by the Florida Board of Medicine to ban, in a 6-3 vote, gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth. This decision prohibits all types of gender-affirming care for those under 18, including puberty blockers, hormones, cross-hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgery. Around 30 people attended the protest in front of the new student union. | This is not the first time that lawmakers have attacked gender-affirming care in recent months. In August of this year, th…

Jake Johnson (2022-11-16). 13 Senate Dems Join GOP in Voting to End Covid Emergency Declaration, Kick Millions Off Medicaid. commondreams.org One public health advocate warned that final passage of the resolution would "affect the cost of vaccines, tests, and treatments, restrict access to Medicaid and telehealth, and restart student loan payments."

Sara Flounders (2022-11-16). COP 27: greenwashing, repression, food crisis. workers.org The activist group, Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change protests during the COP27 climate conference, Nov. 13. Nov. 13 — More than 40,000 people registered as participants at the 27th United Nations Climate Conference (COP27) gathering at Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, held Nov. 6 to 18. One hundred world leaders, top-level . . . |

WSWS (2022-11-16). Strike of 48,000 academic workers in California enters third day. wsws.org The majority of professors have canceled lectures, while adjuncts, faculty and undergraduate students have joined the picket lines in solidarity.

_____ (2022-11-16). New School Staff Strike Shows The Institution Is Not So Progressive. popularresistance.org The union representing part-time faculty at The New School, a prestigious private university in New York, has been telling its members "You are The New School." And for good reason—part-time faculty make up a whopping 87% of The New School's teaching staff. These instructors love to teach, but they say that theirs is an unrequited love, and that their nominally progressive university has left them with no other option but to strike. At midnight on Nov. 13, after a 14-hour bargaining session that ended without closing the gulf between the university administration and the union bargaining committee, the unio…

WSWS (2022-11-16). British Columbia Teachers' Federation seeks to impose massive wage cuts on 49,000 educators. wsws.org The supposed contract "negotiations" were between government and union officials who almost all carry an NDP membership card. These were conspiratorial consultations between friends and political allies on how best to ram another round of concessions down the throats of teachers and public sector workers more broadly.

WSWS (2022-11-16). UK schools face devastating funding crisis. wsws.org Half of head teachers in England are considering teacher redundancies or cutting school hours to balance the budget.

Animal Liberation Press Office (2022-11-16). 'Grupo de Respuesta Animal' Burns Meat Packing Plant (Chile). indybay.org Received anonymously October 26, 2022: "Most of all I regret my restraint, because regardless of the damage we caused to those businesses, if those farms are still open, if even one animal was left behind, then it wasn't enough. I do not intend to rid myself of the consequences of these acts by begging for mercy or appealing to the conscience of the room, because if this system had a conscience I would not be here, in my place would be all the butchers, vivisectors and fur farmers around the world." –Peter Young, vegan straight edge warrior of the Animal Liberation Front.

Joe Bernick (2022-11-15). Katie Hobbs win in Arizona a major defeat for election deniers. peoplesworld.org Arizona's working people breathed a collective sigh of relief when Democrat Katie Hobbs was finally declared winner of the Gubernatorial election. She defeated the Trumpite Republican election liar, Kari Lake. Arizona's ultra-right-wing Republican controlled legislature has been attacking working people's living and working conditions, immigrants, women's health care, and public education, all while piling up …

Kyle Anzalone (2022-11-15). Ukraine Plans to Create 'Israel-Like' Arms Industry to Produce NATO-Caliber Weapons. globalresearch.ca

The Associated Press (2022-11-15). Arizona Measure Gives Non-Citizens In-State College Tuition. latinorebels.com Arizona voters have approved an initiative to extend cheaper in-state college tuition to some non-citizen students, cheering supporters who hope the measure's passage Monday will help spark momentum for wider immigration reform in Congress.

South Front (2022-11-15). Video: Amid Russian Retreat in Kherson Region, Ukrainian Offensive Operations Continue. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2022-11-15). Selected Articles: Video: Russia's De-militarization of Ukraine Continues. US Sending Decades-Old Arms to Kiev. globalresearch.ca By Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for November 11, 2022: Russia completes withdrawal from…

Staff (2022-11-15). Headlines for November 15, 2022. democracynow.org U.N. General Assembly Calls on Russia to Pay Reparations for Ukraine Invasion, After Meeting Xi Jinping, Biden Says U.S. Won't Provoke New Cold War with China, Egyptian Political Prisoner Alaa Abd El-Fattah Ends Hunger Strike, Israel Says It Won't Cooperate with FBI Probe into Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh, Thousands Flee Fighting Between Congolese Army and M23 Rebels in Eastern DRC, Katie Hobbs Defeats GOP Election Denier Kari Lake to Win Arizona Governor Race, Arizona Voters Approve In-State College Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants, Second Federal Court Blocks Biden's Student Debt Relief Pro…

Infobrics (2022-11-15). Russia Is India's Most Reliable Partner since Independence: ORF Survey. infobrics.org Russia is India's most reliable partner since the country gained independence in 1947, according to a survey by the New Delhi-based think tank Observer Research Foundation (ORF) with 43 per cent of the respondents pitching for Moscow…

Arie Huybregts (2022-11-15). How progressive is Daniel Andrews' government? greenleft.org.au Labor has done very little to reverse the Kennett-era health and education privatisation spree, the consequences of which have led to a overloaded health system and a crisis-ridden education system. Arie Huybregts reports.

Editor (2022-11-15). College Degrees Help Incarcerated People Take the Next Step to Freedom. scheerpost.com Since 2013, the New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prisons initiative, or NJ-STEP, has helped hundreds of individuals earn degrees. What's next for the program?

Monica Moorehead (2022-11-15). With new legal attacks, affirmative action must be defended. workers.org The Supreme Court of the United States is scheduled to rule sometime in 2023 on two cases threatening the very existence of affirmative action in higher education. Oral arguments were held before the top court on Oct. 31 in both of these cases that stem from "race-based" admissions at Harvard . . . |

Zack Linly (2022-11-15). White Pennsylvania School Board Member Refusing To Resign After Racist Rant Underscores Indifference To Racism In Education. newsone.com Source: Jeffry Myers / Getty | I've When a white Illinois teacher explicitly, unmistakably and unabashedly called a Black student a "f**king n****r," he wasn't fired until there was a rigorous investigation of the incident, which was caught on camera in clear-as-day footage. Even after he was finally fir…

_____ (2022-11-15). Largest Strike In The Country Unfolds Across All Ten UC Campuses. popularresistance.org Berkeley, California — 48,000 UAW-represented employees of the University of California will walk off the job and onto the picket line as a multi-unit, statewide Unfair Labor Practices strike begins this morning. UAW represents Academic Workers across ten campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, including Teaching Assistants, Postdocs, Academic Student Employees, Graduate Student Researchers, Academic Researchers, Readers, Tutors and more. Together they perform the majority of teaching and research at UC. | "We have been bargaining throughout the weekend and while important progress has been made, we ar…

Belgrade Forum (2022-11-15). Belgrade Forum's Appeal to Endorse Dialogue, Diplomacy and Detente as the Only Possible Path for Preventing a Global Conflict that Threatens the Future of Humanity. globalresearch.ca

Brett Wilkins (2022-11-15). 48,000 unionized University of California academic workers launch 'historic' strikeÔøº. nationofchange.org "We're fighting so those of us who do the majority of teaching and research do not have to live with severe rent burdens and debt, while highly paid administrators live in publicly funded mansions," explained one strike leader.

Dr. Gary Null (2022-11-15). Being Skeptical About Medical Skepticism. globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-11-15). New study reveals dominating factors of sustainability in endorheic regions. ecns.cn A joint research team has newly proposed an integrated framework that reveals the dominating factors of sustainability in endorheic regions.

____ (2022-11-15). (100 great changes) Loveliest business card of China: giant panda. ecns.cn Before the National Day in 2022, 13 baby pandas born this year at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding formed the shape of "73", celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Emerald Robinson (2022-11-15). Mid-Term Elections 2022: It's Déjà Vu All Over Again in the Banana Republic of Biden! globalresearch.ca

Laura Osman (2022-11-15). 'Freedom Convoy' Did Not Pose Threat to the Security of Canada: CSIS Director. globalresearch.ca

Matt Agorist (2022-11-15). Doctors Fight Back Against Law that Punishes Them for Diverging from 'Contemporary Scientific Consensus'. globalresearch.ca

Megan Redshaw (2022-11-15). 10-Year-Old Boy Died of Cardiac Arrest 7 Days After Moderna Shot, VAERS Data Show. globalresearch.ca

Monet Bailey (2022-11-15). New £30m funding to improve treatment of inflammatory diseases. healtheuropa.com An additional £30 million research injection will further fund developments into inflammatory diseases. The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Birmingham Biomedical Research Centre has been granted over £30m of funding from the National Institute for Health and Care Research to support world-leading research into inflammatory diseases. The funding means that local people …

Peter Koenig (2022-11-15). Analysis on the US Midterm Elections. Voter Fraud? globalresearch.ca

Peter Koenig (2022-11-15). The Big Lie: Worldwide Energy Shortage Plus Multiple Crises — All Manufactured — Meant for Destruction of Western Civilization. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-11-15). Video: Has Justin Trudeau Been Duly Vaccinated? Registered Nurse Expresses Doubt on Authenticity of Trudeau's Vaccine Jab. globalresearch.ca

Rian Overy (2022-11-15). Atherosclerosis can be cured if it is spotted in early in life. healtheuropa.com An international research team has found that elevated lipids and dyslipidaemia in early life may worsen cases of atherosclerosis in later life. The study found that consistently elevated lipids and dyslipidaemia in early life had detrimental effects on atherosclerosis patients in adulthood, but stimulated lipid treatment in adolescence could halt the progression of the disease. …

Rian Overy (2022-11-15). How weight gain can worsen symptoms of asthma. healtheuropa.com Changes in gut function brought on by weight gain have been associated with an increase in severe symptoms of asthma, according to new research. A new study from Nottingham Trent University has found significant associations between increased body weight, gut permeability, and poorer control of asthma. The findings suggest that losing weight could improve symptoms …

Sandipan Talukdar (2022-11-15). COP 27: Weighty Presence of Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Raises Alarm. towardfreedom.org Environmental activists and researchers say fossil-fuel lobbyists being granted access to policymaking processes poses the threat of slowing down climate action, Sandipan Talukdar reports for Peoples Dispatch.

Sohrab Ahmari (2022-11-15). Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Left? globalresearch.ca

Stephen Sefton (2022-11-15). Latin America and the Caribbean: A Destabilized Region Stifled by Political Chaos, Mounting Debt and Aggressive US Interference. globalresearch.ca

Ted Galen Carpenter (2022-11-15). Washington Keeps Alienating Its Policy Partners. globalresearch.ca

World Beyond War (2022-11-15). The USA's Military Empire: A Visual Database. World Beyond War. globalresearch.ca

Lily Meyersohn (2022-11-15). Billionaire-Funded "Anti-Science" Campaigns Are Causing Unnecessary Deaths. truthout.org In February 2020, just around one month before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared SARS-CoV-2 a "global pandemic" and as nations scrambled to respond to the novel coronavirus, that same organization

____ (2022-11-15). 20 new measures against COVID-19 conducive to production and life: official. ecns.cn The 20 measures of joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19 newly released by the State Council is beneficial for maintaining the normal order of production and life, recovering market demands as well as for smoothing economic circulation, said a spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday.

____ (2022-11-15). China's industrial output up 5 pct in October. ecns.cn China's value-added industrial output, an important economic indicator, went up 5 percent year on year in October, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed Tuesday.

____ (2022-11-15). China's fixed-asset investment up 5.8 pct in first 10 months. ecns.cn China's fixed-asset investment went up 5.8 percent year on year in the first 10 months of this year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed Tuesday.

____ (2022-11-15). China's retail sales up 0.6 pct in first 10 months. ecns.cn China's retail sales of consumer goods went up 0.6 percent year on year in the first 10 months, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed Tuesday.

____ (2022-11-15). China's surveyed urban unemployment rate at 5.5 pct in October. ecns.cn China's surveyed urban unemployment rate stood at 5.5 percent in October, flat from the September level, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed Tuesday.

____ (2022-11-15). Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese market sales short-term, external: official. ecns.cn China's market sales will go through the impact brought by the epidemic, but it is generally short-term and external, and the recovery of consumption enjoys more favorable conditions now, said a spokesperson for the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Tuesday.

____ (2022-11-15). China sees 5.6% urban unemployment rate over past 10 months: data. ecns.cn China's average urban unemployment rate over the past 10 months was 5.6 percent, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday.

TeleSUR (2022-11-15). Rising Energy Prices a Bane for UK Businesses: ONS Study. telesurenglish.net On Monday, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published a study showing that one in six businesses in the United Kingdom (UK) expect their overall performance to drop in 2023 as a result of the spiking energy prices. | RELATED: | Food and drink service businesses are the most affected, with 45 percent of them expecting their performance to drop, followed by those active in the accommodation sector, at 30…

_____ (2022-11-15). Undaunted By Fines, Massachusetts Teachers Defy Strike Ban. popularresistance.org Massachusetts – Two more illegal strikes have hit Massachusetts! On October 14, members of the Haverhill Educators Association voted to strike. Malden educators voted to strike just a few hours later. | After four days out, Haverhill educators won their demands for school safety and commitment for diverse hiring; those in Malden settled their contract with a one-day strike. | The school committee in Haverhill had dragged its feet and walked away from the table again and again. On the last night of the strike, hundreds of striking teachers, along with students, parents, and educators from nearby districts, stood o…

En.mehrnews (2022-11-15). Iranian students win 3rd place in RAeS competitions. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) — By designing the "LyreBird" plane, the students of Iran's Sharif University of Technology (team ShadX) managed to rank third among the teams participating in the Royal Aeronautical Society aircraft design competition.

Mary Owen (2022-11-15). Rally supports striking Reserve Roastery workers. workers.org New York City The sidewalk was packed Nov. 10 as union, student and community supporters rallied in solidarity with striking Starbucks workers outside the company's Reserve Roastery in Manhattan. Since the Roastery workers won their union election in April, they have faced workplace safety and health issues from mold in . . . |

Press Associates (2022-11-15). Biggest academic strike ever: Univ. of Calif. system forces 48K workers to walk. peoplesworld.org BERKELEY, Calif. (PAI)—Low pay in a high-cost state and labor law-breaking by bosses—what the union called "unlawful conduct thwarting progress" in bargaining—forced 48,000 University of California system student workers, members of system-wide Auto Workers Local 2865 and two other UAW locals, to strike. They walked starting Nov. 14, after a strike authorization vote passed 98%-2% …

Sharon Zhang (2022-11-15). Biden May Extend Student Loan Payment Pause Again Amid Court Battles. truthout.org The White House is reportedly considering once again extending the student loan payment pause that is currently set to expire at the end of the year, as President Joe Biden's plan to cancel up to $20,000 of student debt for borrowers is facing a court challenge from Republicans. | According

WSWS (2022-11-15). Strike by 48,000 academic workers begins at University of California campuses. wsws.org The majority of professors have canceled lectures, while adjuncts, faculty and undergraduate students have joined the picket lines in solidarity.

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-11-15). Thoughts That Should Probably Occur More Often. thealtworld.com Listen to a reading of this article: | I wonder if my own government is being truthful about its actions in that part of the world? | I wonder if my own government is in the wrong on this issue? | I wonder if the news media are telling the truth right now? | I wonder if the news media tell the truth about things generally? | I wonder if the "Evil Dictators versus Virtuous Liberal Democracies" framework I've been taught by teachers, pundits and politicians is the most accurate lens through which to view world events? | Could I have been deceived about the way my government operates, at home and abroad? | Is it…

TeleSUR (2022-11-15). University of California Workers Go on Strike. telesurenglish.net On Monday morning, tens of thousands of academic workers at the University of California (UC) system went on strike for higher wages and better working conditions. | RELATED: | About 48,000 unionized academic workers across the University of California's 10 campuses walked off the job, reported the Los Angeles Times, noting that those academic workers perform the majority of teaching and research. | The systemwide strike includes teaching as…

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