2022-11-28: News Headlines

Douglas Valentine (2022-11-28). Video: "The CIA has been developing Fascists in Ukraine for 70 years." Douglas Valentine. globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-11-28). Sanctions: Another Form of War on Designated Enemies. transcend.org 18 Nov 2022 – Both the UN and illegal US sanctions have had disastrous effects on millions of people, effects that violate both the UN charter and the UDHR. Research in 69 countries showed that sanctions lowered infant weight and increased the likelihood of death before age three.

Higher Education Action Team HEAT CCSF (2022-11-28). CCSF HEAT Supports 48,000 Striking UC UAW Education Workers. indybay.org Higher Education Action Team's statement on support for 48,000 striking UC UAW members.

WSWS (2022-11-28). Germany's coalition government adopts a budget for war and austerity. wsws.org The 2023 budget passed in the German parliament on Friday is a declaration of war on working people, at the centre of which is a massive increase in military spending and extreme cuts in the areas of health, education, and social welfare.

____ (2022-11-28). Every Child Has a Right to Realize the Human Potential. transcend.org 20 Nov 2022 – Racism and discrimination against children on the basis of their ethnicity, language and religion remain widespread in many countries. Statement by Yasmine Sherif, Director of 'ECW-Education Cannot Wait'

Dr. Joseph Mercola (2022-11-28). The Dangers of Copper Deficiency and Iron Overload. globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-11-28). Chinese researchers make new discovery in Chang'e-5 lunar samples. ecns.cn A Chinese research team has found sub-microscopic magnetite formed by eutectic reaction in Chang'e-5 lunar soil samples, according to the Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, on Sunday.

Global Research News (2022-11-28). Selected Articles: Don't Get Jabbed: Powerful Video on "Killer Vaccine" that Needs to be Watched by Everyone. globalresearch.ca By Here is a must-watch, totally-truthful, science-based, vaccinology-literate video for anyone who is considering getting a booster (or even …

Peter Koenig (2022-11-28). The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d'État Against Humanity. Book Review. globalresearch.ca

Steven Sahiounie (2022-11-28). Time Running Out to Save the Kurds in Syria. globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-11-28). Int'l science payloads to enter China's space station next year: official. ecns.cn A number of space science application projects jointly selected by China and the UNOOSA or with the European Space Agency (ESA) are being implemented as planned, and related payloads will be launched to get into China's space station for experiments next year.

Jason Holland, William Hawes (2022-11-28). Enough Science, Gimme Some Truth. dissidentvoice.org I'm sick and tired of hearing things From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics All I want is the truth Just gimme some truth — John Lennon, "Gimme Some Truth" Science is a sacred cow. People tend to get real punchy when you blaspheme a sacred cow. Understood. However, in the name of what is called good …

____ (2022-11-28). Quake early warning system to be deployed in China. ecns.cn Earthquake early warning with countdown in seconds and instant seismic intensity reporting in minutes will be realized in key areas across China by the end of 2023, according to the 2022 National Conference on Seismological Science and Technology.

____ (2022-11-28). Chinese computer scientist Wei Daozheng dies at 93 in Beijing. ecns.cn Chinese computer scientist Wei Daozheng passed away in Beijing on Saturday at the age of 93, according to the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on Monday.

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-11-28). BBC's Melissa Hogenboom gives prestigious science journalism lecture at Imperial. imperial.ac.uk Imperial College London played host to the Kavli Science Journalism Lecture, held for the first time in Europe.

_____ (2022-11-27). Over 100,000 Education Workers Strike In The United Kingdom. popularresistance.org Tens of thousands of university workers at 150 universities began three days of strikes on Thursday against low pay, intolerable workloads, insecure contacts and pensions cuts. | A 48-hour strike by the University and College Union (UCU) members finished Friday, to be followed by a 24-hour strike and day of action on November 30. The strikes are the largest in history of higher education, with workers out at every UK institution. | Also striking are support staff, members of the Unison and Unite unions, demanding better pay and conditions. | Thursday's strike was held the same day that up to 50,000 teachers in Sc…

Fight Back (2022-11-27). Seattle students hold banner drop in protest of national 'Don't Say Gay' bill. fightbacknews.org Seattle, WA – On November 18, the University of Washington's Progressive Student Union (PSU) held a banner drop in protest of the national "Don't Say Gay" bill, introduced by Congressional Republicans last month. Officially titled the "Stop the Sexualization of Children Act of 2022," this is a national version of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill, signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this year. The D.C. bill prohibits the use of federal funds for any topic or program related to sex education in schools. It also prohibits access of library books with LGBTQ topics to children. | Raymond Chen of PSU said,…

Andrew Korybko (2022-11-27). Imran Khan's Interview with PBS Corrected the Weaponized Misperceptions About Him. globalresearch.ca

Contributing Writers (2022-11-27). Toxic by Design: Big Pharma experts speak out. marktaliano.net Original Link Here: Toxic by Design: Big Pharma experts speak out | UKColumn Two highly experienced pharmaceutical professionals, with very different careers in the industry, are drawn together as their individual knowledge and research shows that both governments and the industry are not telling the truth about Covid-19 vaccine safety. Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans …

Dr. Suzanne Burdick (2022-11-27). RSV Vaccines: "We have to stop these shots", Experts Tell RFK, Jr. "Re-implementing the COVID-19 playbook" globalresearch.ca

Ethan Huff (2022-11-27). Australia Sees 63% Drop in Births After Introduction of COVID "Vaccines" — What Will the Government's Excuse be? globalresearch.ca

Free West Media (2022-11-27). Corona Policy in the EU, "It Was All a Big Lie": "The House of Cards Is Collapsing, They Have Failed!" globalresearch.ca

Michael Nevradakis (2022-11-27). Fauci Grilled Under Oath in Social Media Censorship Case. globalresearch.ca

Mike Whitney (2022-11-27). Endgame Ukraine; Putin's Battleplan. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-11-27). The mRNA Vaccine Is a Killer: According to the Washington Post the Vaccinated Account "For a Majority of Americans Dying from the Coronavirus" globalresearch.ca

Stew Peters (2022-11-27). Video: World Premiere: Died Suddenly. globalresearch.ca

The Global Research Team (2022-11-27). "The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d'Etat Against Humanity" by Michel Chossudovsky. globalresearch.ca My objective is to inform people worldwide and refute the official narrative which has been used as a justification to destabilize the economic and social fabric of entire countries, followed by the imposition of the "deadly" COVID-19 "vaccine". This crisis affects humanity in its entirety: almost 8 billion people.

WSWS (2022-11-27). Germany: More than one-third of all students at acute risk of poverty. wsws.org The already dramatic social plight of German students is growing worse. According to the latest figures from the German Federal Statistics Bureau, more than a third of all students were at risk of poverty in 2021.

WSWS (2022-11-27). IYSSE campaign for online anti-war meeting at UK universities and town centres. wsws.org Thousands of copies of the statement, "For a mass movement of youth and students to stop the war in Ukraine!" have been distributed at universities, colleges, workplaces and high streets.

Eleanor J. Bader (2022-11-27). Educator Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade: Teachers Must Fight Inequality, Not Create It. truthout.org Like most public school teachers, Jeffrey M.R. Duncan-Andrade knows that educators are first responders: They are often the first non-family members to see children when they are unwell, angry, depressed or agitated. But unlike many of his peers, he sees his role, first and foremost, as promoting "wellness" of body, emotions, mind and spirit. His latest book,

Industrial Workers of the World (2022-11-26). CUPE Education Workers Strike: A General Strike Thwarted by Business Union Leadership. itsgoingdown.org Report from Wobblies within the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) about the recent strike by education workers across so-called Ontario. In early November, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Education Workers were in bargaining and the conservative Ontario premier Doug Ford and education minister Stephen Lecce passed anti-worker, anti-strike draconian legislation known as Bill-28….

WSWS (2022-11-26). Australian Education Union campaigns for Labor government in state election, following imposition of sellout industrial agreement. wsws.org The Labor Party has been in power in Victoria for 19 of the past 23 years, and its "demonstrated track record" is one of systematic underfunding of public schools, imposing real wage cuts and higher workloads on teaching staff, and promoting the publicly-subsidised private school system.

Common Dreams staff (2022-11-26). Scientists Revive 'Zombie' Virus After ,000 Years Trapped in Siberian Permafrost. commondreams.org Researchers documented 13 never-before-seen viruses that have been lying dormant, frozen in thick ice, over tens of thousands of years.

Contributing Writers (2022-11-26). The Covid "Killer Vaccine". People Are Dying All Over the World. It's A Criminal Undertaking/ By Prof Michel Chossudovsky. marktaliano.net By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, November 26, 2022 We are being accused of "fake news". The Reuters and AP media "trackers" will be out to smear this report as well as the testimonies of parents who have lost their children. It is happening all over the World. Let us be under no illusions, the Covid …

Dustin Broadbery (2022-11-26). Reality vs. Illusion. People have been Robbed of their Ability to "Decipher between Fact and Fiction" globalresearch.ca

Final Straw (2022-11-26). Final Straw: Matthew Lyons on Christian Nationalism. itsgoingdown.org Long-running anarchist radio and podcast show the Final Straw speaks with antifascist theorist and writer Matthew Lyons about Christian nationalism. Listen and Download HERE This is a conversation with Matthew Lyons, antifascist researcher, contributor to Three Way Fight Blog and author of, among other books, Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right's Challenge to State and…

Global Research News (2022-11-26). 367 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 209 Dead, After COVID Shot. globalresearch.ca Our thoughts are with the families of the young athletes who passed away after taking the Covid-19 Killer vaccine. | We are dealing with a crimes against humanity on an unprecedented scale. The Killer vaccine must be withdrawn immediately….

Jacob Nordangard (2022-11-26). World Economic Forum's "Young Global Leaders" Revealed. globalresearch.ca For several decades, this program has nurtured compliant leaders acting as WEF agents in governments around the world. The consequences are far-reaching and may turn out to be devastating for humanity.

JRickey Productions (2022-11-26). Don't Get Jabbed: Powerful Video on "Killer Vaccine" that Needs to be Watched by Everyone. globalresearch.ca

Manlio Dinucci (2022-11-26). Poisons at the FIFA World Cup. globalresearch.ca The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar hides a tragic reality that the political-media mainstream covered with silence. First of all, this Gulf emirate was chosen by FIFA to organize the 2022 World Cup. The International Football Federation, FIFA, is …

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-11-26). The Covid "Killer Vaccine". People Are Dying All Over the World. It's A Criminal Undertaking. globalresearch.ca We are being accused of "spreading disinformation" regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. | The Reuters and AP media "trackers" will be out to smear the testimonies of parents who have lost their children. | "Once the Lie becomes the Truth, there is no …

RAIR Foundation USA (2022-11-26). Video: Warning: 'Vaccine Is Worse than We Feared, Could be Looking at Hundreds of Thousands More Dead'. globalresearch.ca

Talha Burki (2022-11-26). [World Report] HPV and diabetes researchers win Prince Mahidol Awards. thelancet.com Ian Frazer, Douglas Lowy, and John Schiller have been recognised for their work on HPV vaccines, and Ralph DeFronzo wins for work on diabetes. Talha Burki reports.

US Department of Justice (2022-11-26). Video: Pfizer Has a Criminal Record. Is It Relevant? globalresearch.ca

Andrea Cipriani, Edoardo G Ostinelli, Philip J Cowen (2022-11-26). [Correspondence] Pharmacological interventions for insomnia disorder in adults — Authors' reply. thelancet.com We thank Matthew J Reid and colleagues for commenting on our systematic review and network meta-analysis.1 Although the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not use the term secondary insomnia, the criteria for insomnia disorder are more nuanced than Reid and colleagues suggest. For example, the diagnosis is excluded if a coexisting mental disorder can "adequately explain the predominant complaint of insomnia", which is not always an easy judgement. We agree, however, that the presence of genuine comorbidity is important because, as Reid and colleagues point out, it coul…

____ (2022-11-26). Macao's unemployment rate drops to 3.9 pct in August-October. ecns.cn Macao's general unemployment rate for the period from August to October decreased by 0.1 percentage point to 3.9 percent from the July-September period, the special administrative region (SAR)'s statistics department said on Friday.

Editor (2022-11-26). Amazon Labor Union's small army of volunteer law students. mronline.org Around 100 are helping in the battle against the country's second-largest employer.

Manlio Dinucci (2022-11-26). I veleni nella Coppa del Mondo. globalresearch.ca La Coppa del Mondo FIFA 2022 in Qatar nasconde una tragica realtà su cui il mainstream politico-mediatico ha calato una cappa di silenzio. Anzitutto il fatto che sia stato questo emirato del Golfo ad essere scelto dalla FIFA per organizzare …

Schools, Labor Against Privatization (2022-11-26). Wednesday 11/30: Education Not Privatization. indybay.org 4: 00PM Meet at OUSD Headquarters (1000 Broadway) | 5: 00PM March to the School board meeting at La Escuelita (1050 2nd Ave)…

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