2023-01-10: News Headlines

infobrics (2023-01-10). BRICS at the G20 and the Centrality of the Unated Nations Development Agenda. infobrics.org BRICS has an important role in the G20, precisely guided by its own resolutions on the pursuit of development, to drive the agenda and keep pushing until it is done, writes Mikatekiso Kubayi, Researcher at the Institute for Global Dialogue associated with UNISA (South Africa)…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-01-10). Socioeconomic status measure helps researchers develop artificial intelligence models, improving equity in health care. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Social determinants of health impact people's well-being and quality of life. These social determinants — conditions such as access to nutrition, safe and affordable housing, jobs, transportation, and access to health care — are some of the factors that lead to disparities in health and health care if they are not addressed. "Defining and assessing social determinants of health really invites clinicians, educators, and researchers to embrace a broader understanding of health in the social…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-01-10). Science Saturday: Aspiring to deliver new cures for complex conditions. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Mayo Clinic is building toward a future when biologics can cure cancer, kidney disease and diabetes. Mayo marks 2022 as a year of significant strides in accelerating science to make and deliver regenerative biotherapeutics. The goal is to offer new options, based on rigorous research in cell and gene therapies, for disorders with few available treatments. The Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics has a new strategy of advancing regenerative discoveries toward early-stage clinical trials and industry…

Abayomi Azikiwe (2023-01-10). Honoring MLK Six Decades After the Mass Struggles of 1963. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2023-01-10). Selected Articles: Video: Bombshell Docs Reveal COVID-19 Cover-Up Goes Straight to the Top. Redacted with Clayton Morris. globalresearch.ca By A BOMBSHELL new report claims shows that the Department of Defense [mda…

Karsten Riise (2023-01-10). South Korea Wants to be World's Fourth Arms Exporter. globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2023-01-10). Usual Suspects in the Attempted Coup Against Lula in Brazil. globalresearch.ca

Philip Giraldi (2023-01-10). Will 2023 be Worse Than 2022? "Stepping into World War III" globalresearch.ca

Sara Flounders (2023-01-10). Biden Administration Tramples on Japan's Post-World War II Pacifist Constitution by Pushing Country's Rearmament. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-01-10). Celebrating international relationships, past, present and future. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org It was 100 years ago that Dr. Charles Mayo visited France and met with famed physicist Marie Curie, the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize. That meeting helped to set the stage for her research collaboration with Mayo and the relationship between Mayo and France that continues today. Celebrating those past, present and future relationships was the reason for a news conference held at Mayo Clinic on Friday, Jan. 6. Ambassador of France to…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-01-10). Science Saturday: MayoComplete next-generation sequencing — Transforming comprehensive cancer care. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org For patients facing a cancer journey, navigating diagnosis and treatment can be extremely daunting. Fear of the unknown is compounded by a confusing ocean of emerging information on discoveries and technological advancements. While each wave of progress brings about new types of treatment, including targeted and immune therapies linked to improved outcomes, the cancer's nuances must be understood for these pioneering treatments to work. Laboratory testing offers crucial information to help patients traverse the shifting…

Staff (2023-01-10). President Maduro: Trump's Strategy to Defeat Us Failed (+Teacher's Strike). orinocotribune.com This Monday, January 9, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said that Washington's Trumpist strategy to defeat his country had failed. "It collided with the democratic operations of this republic," Maduro said. | Maduro also noted that it will be likely be a long time before US representatives acknowledge their failure. | "It failed and someone has to pick up the broken glass in Washington," Maduro said. "It seems that there are no volunteers with enough intelligence and courage to pick up the broken glass. They secretly try to act without showing their faces, without the purpose of amendment, without sel…

Editor (2023-01-09). Free Speech and Academic Freedom in the American Corporate University. scheerpost.com By David Schultz / CounterPunch Free speech and academic freedom are under attack in American higher education. From the right the allegation is that wokeness and political correctness have taken over, articulating a political agenda that is anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, and pro LGBTQ. From the left the indictment is that schools continue to replicate stereotypes …

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2023-01-09). Prince Harry's Great Afghan Shooting Party. globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2023-01-09). Medvedev Suggests Parking Hypersonic Missiles Near the Potomac. globalresearch.ca

Franàßois Diaz-Maurin (2023-01-09). Nowhere to Hide: How a Nuclear War Would Kill You — And Almost Everyone Else. globalresearch.ca

Margaret Kimberley (2023-01-09). White Lives Matter More in Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2023-01-09). Children of Azov Conscripted to Die. globalresearch.ca

Mike Whitney (2023-01-09). The Plan to Carve Up Russia. globalresearch.ca

Ukrinform (2023-01-09). Zelensky Strips 13 Pro-Russia Priests of Citizenship — Media. globalresearch.ca

Ray McGovern (2023-01-09). The Jan. 2017 'Assessment' on Russiagate. globalresearch.ca

Jacob G. Hornberger (2023-01-09). The Evil Strategy of "Degrading" Russia. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-01-09). XBB will not cause large-scale infection in China: expert. ecns.cn The COVID-19 Omicron XBB sub-variant will not cause large-scale infection in China right now, said Chen Cao, a research fellow with the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention under the China CDC on Sunday.

Pepe Escobar (2023-01-09). Why China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Is Back with a Bang. globalresearch.ca

Arsenio Toledo (2023-01-09). Pfizer Has a Shockingly Long History of Engaging in Illegal Activities and Human Experimentation. globalresearch.ca

Clayton Morris (2023-01-09). Video: Bombshell Docs Reveal COVID-19 Cover-Up Goes Straight to the Top. Redacted with Clayton Morris. globalresearch.ca

DailyClout (2023-01-09). A 'Cover-Up of Evidence of Mass Murder': The CDC Appears to be Removing VAERS Records. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Joseph Mercola (2023-01-09). Propaganda Perpetuates the Pandemic and Censorship. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2023-01-09). The COVID "Vaccine" Is an Intentional Effort at World Genocide. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-01-09). Study reveals grasslands biodiversity help control plant diseases. ecns.cn Chinese researchers have newly confirmed the significance of spatial scale-dependent dilution effects of biodiversity on plant diseases in grasslands, according to the Lanzhou University.

Edward Curtin (2023-01-09). Is a Happy New Year Possible? Sisyphus and the Feeling of the Absurd are Entwined. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2023-01-09). Selected Articles: The COVID "Killer Vaccine". People Are Dying All Over the World. It's a Criminal Undertaking. globalresearch.ca By We are being accused of "spreading disinformation" regarding the Covid-19 vacci…

James Roguski (2023-01-09). Secret Negotiations for the Amendments to the International Health Regulations. globalresearch.ca

James Roguski (2023-01-09). The Top 100 Reasons to #StopThe Pandemic Treaty, #StopTheAmendments, and #ExitTheWHO. globalresearch.ca

John Klar (2023-01-09). The Myth of GMOs Saving the Planet. globalresearch.ca

John Leake (2023-01-09). Dr. Jordan Peterson Accused of Heresy by Ontario College of Psychologists. globalresearch.ca

Kit Knightly (2023-01-09). Yet Another COVID "Variant": Omicron XBB & the Self-driving Narrative. globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2023-01-09). Republican Warmonger Wins Contest to Become House Speaker. globalresearch.ca

Mark H. Gaffney (2023-01-09). When Bankers Choose War Over Peace: Learning From History, Lest We Are Doomed to Repeat It. globalresearch.ca

Mark Taliano (2023-01-09). COVID-19 Pandemic Psychological Warfare. globalresearch.ca

Neturei Karta (2023-01-09). Video: Anti-Zionist Jewish Community Flying Palestinian Flags in Jerusalem. globalresearch.ca

Vigilent Citizen (2023-01-09). Video: Japan Orders Investigation Into COVID Vaccine Deaths as MSM Admit "The Jabs Are Killing Us" globalresearch.ca

Frances Kuo (2023-01-09). Imaging technology detects truth of paintings. america.cgtn.com See how art researchers discovered that the famous Vermeer painting 'Girl with a Flute' is not his work.

Dr. Suzanne Burdick (2023-01-09). New Analysis Shows Studies of COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Hid Critical Safety Signal. globalresearch.ca

Georgi Boorman (2023-01-09). Poll: 1 In 4 Americans Thinks Someone They Know May Have Died Due to COVID Shot. globalresearch.ca

Ahmed D Dardir (2023-01-09). Jean-Luc Godard's Revolution: Marxism, Palestine and the Working Classes. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2023-01-09). California Democrats Have Legislated Control Over Medical Practice Out of the Hands of Doctors. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Peter McCullough (2023-01-09). Explosive Increase in Cardiac Symptoms After Second Injection. globalresearch.ca

Matt Kennard (2023-01-09). UK Loaned Military Adviser to British UN Envoy in Yemen. globalresearch.ca

Marie Hawthorne (2023-01-09). EctoLife: Does this "Fiction" Foreshadow Artificial Wombs and Pod Babies? globalresearch.ca

Middle East Eye (2023-01-09). Taliban Condemns Prince Harry's Comment on Afghan Killings. globalresearch.ca

Jacob G. Hornberger (2023-01-09). A Major Shift in the JFK Assassination. globalresearch.ca

Ryan Wyatt Turbeville (2023-01-09). University of Florida Officials Have No 'Standing' to Review Ladapo's COVID Vaccine Guidance. globalresearch.ca

Anadolu Agency (2023-01-09). Jerusalem Churches in Crosshairs of Escalating Extremist Attacks: Churches Council. globalresearch.ca

Charles Kennedy (2023-01-09). OPEC's Second-Largest Oil Producer Issues Arrest Warrant for Donald Trump. globalresearch.ca

John Cooper (2023-01-09). "How World Governments Are Run by Multinational Companies" globalresearch.ca

Paul Joseph Watson (2023-01-09). WHO: Anti-Vaccine Activism Is Deadlier Than Global Terrorism. globalresearch.ca

manager (2023-01-09). CEPR Spotlight: Intellectual Property. cepr.net Nothing shines a brighter light on the harmful effects of bad intellectual property law than an ongoing pandemic. CEPR's researchers continue to advocate for reform of this broken system which causes so much damage here in the US and abroad. This year saw some success from the long campaign to waive COVID vaccine patents for …

ecns.cn (2023-01-09). Visiting Foxconn Zhengzhou Science and Technology Park. ecns.cn

Ann Brown (2023-01-09). A Look Back: Granddaughter Of Elijah Muhammad Drops Science On The Legacy And Accomplishments Of His Economic Program. moguldom.com In a resurfaced interview, the granddaughter of the late Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad speaks about the legacy of her grandfather and the accomplishments of his economic program. The interview is from 2016 but has recently been posted on Twitter by user Ma'rifatullah (Knowledge in Allah). Amirah Muhammad, who was born in 1965, was …

Antonio C.S. Rosa (2023-01-09). 'Hallelujah Chorus' from Handel's Messiah (Music Video of the Week). transcend.org The Royal Choral Society has performed Handel's Messiah on Good Friday at the Royal Albert Hall every year since 1876. This clip features the glorious Hallelujah Chorus with the choir. Students from the City of London School for Girls joined the choir for this performance.

Ann Brown (2023-01-09). HBCU Enrollment Up 57% Nationally As Top Students Embrace Sense Of Belonging. moguldom.com An embrace of Blackness is in part to account for rising enrollment at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), according to Dillard University president Dr. Rochelle Ford and other observers. Meanwhile, non-HBCU U.S. colleges and universities saw a drop of 1.1 percent of undergraduate students between the fall of 2021 and 2022. This comes on …

Peter McLaren (2023-01-09). A Review of Derek R. Ford's 'Teaching the Actuality of Revolution: Aesthetics, Unlearning, and the Sensations of Struggle'. mronline.org History doesn't happen because a small group of people share a complete political identity; it happens because masses of people shed their timidity, risk their reputations, livings, freedom, and lives, and let the actuality of revolution guide their every move.

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