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2023-01-04: News Headlines

W. T. Whitney Jr. (2023-01-04). The Cuban Revolution: Made by teachers and students. peoplesworld.org Cuban education has long been ground zero for ending inequalities. Schools on the island are places where doors opened up for all Cuban young people to learn and for students, even of oppressed classes, to prepare for one or another kind of work that would contribute to Cuba's development as an independent nation. Cuban literacy …

Editor (2023-01-04). The Hope of a Pan-African-Owned and Controlled Electric Car Project is Buried for Generations to Come. scheerpost.com By Vijay Prashad / Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research The United States government held the US-Africa Leaders Summit in mid-December, prompted in large part by its fears about Chinese and Russian influence on the African continent. Rather than routine diplomacy, Washington's approach in the summit was guided by its broader New Cold War agenda, in …

H. Patricia Hynes (2023-01-04). Envisioning a World Without Nuclear Weapons. globalresearch.ca

Bradley Devlin (2023-01-04). BlackRock Plots to Buy Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

Kyle Anzalone (2023-01-04). Zelensky Expands Crackdown on Ukrainian Media. globalresearch.ca

M. K. Bhadrakumar (2023-01-04). US Climbs Escalation Ladder in Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

Thomas R. Eddlem (2023-01-04). Surveillance State: What the #TwitterFiles Mean for America, Ukraine and Libertarianism. globalresearch.ca

Dave DeCamp (2023-01-04). 101st Airborne Still Deployed in Romania Simulating War with Russia. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-01-04). Ancient sculpture remnants reunited at Sanxingdui Ruins. ecns.cn A bronze figure at the famed Sanxingdui Ruins site was successfully matched with another animal bronzeware with the help of a three-dimensional (3D) model, the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archeology Research Institute confirmed Monday.

Eric Zuesse (2023-01-04). How Joe Biden Is Slowly "Suiciding America's Economy" globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2023-01-04). Selected Articles: PfizerGate: Tragic Truth Behind COVID Vaccines in the U.K.: 47,379 Excess Deaths in 8 Months Due to Vaccination. globalresearch.ca By As the dea…

Kester Kenn Klomegah (2023-01-04). African-American Diaspora Engagement at the Core of US-African Relations in Multipolar World. globalresearch.ca

Mike Whitney (2023-01-04). Alexander Mercouris: "Something Big Is on the Way" globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-01-04). Science Saturday: Researchers investigate precision nutrition to improve health, prevent diseases. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Could prescribing specific nutrients, grains, fruits and vegetables tailored to a person's DNA and other biological characteristics help improve their health? Precision nutrition took center stage at Mayo Clinic's Individualizing Medicine Conference Nov. 2—3, 2022, in Rochester, Minnesota, where some of the world's top experts shared their knowledge of the potential benefits of tailoring nutrients and dietary guidance to a person's genes, metabolism, microbiome and other distinguishing characteristics. The ultimate goal of the holistic approach is to…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-01-04). NIH's All of Us Research Program returns health-related DNA results to participants. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org The National Institutes of Health's (NIH) All of Us Research Program has begun returning personalized health-related DNA results to more than 155,000 participants. The reports detail whether participants have an increased risk for specific health conditions and how their bodies might process certain medications. The All of Us Research Program collects participants' blood, urine, and saliva samples. These biosamples are stored and managed for research at a specialized All of Us Research Program biobank at Mayo Clinic. "It is rewarding for us at the…

Viv Forbes (2023-01-04). The Battle for Our Grasslands and Livestock. globalresearch.ca

Courtney Naquin (2023-01-04). Oil Companies Have Plundered Louisiana's Coast. They Owe Us Reparations. globalresearch.ca

TrialSite (2023-01-04). Top Japanese Physician-Scientist Gives Dire Warning About COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: 'Scientifically Misconceived'. globalresearch.ca

DailyClout (2023-01-04). Criminal Malfeasance: Pfizer Knew 275 People Suffered Serious Strokes in the First 90 Days After Vaccine Rollout. globalresearch.ca

Daniel Larison (2023-01-04). Facing the Failure of Our Cruel Venezuela Policy. globalresearch.ca

Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (2023-01-04). 2022 US Middle East Policy Review and 2023 Forecast. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-01-04). China plans over aerospace tasks in 2023. ecns.cn China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the main contractor for the Chinese space program, announced on Tuesday that it plans more than aerospace tasks in 2023.

ecns.cn (2023-01-04). Truth-seeking pioneer dies age 87. ecns.cn Officials, teachers and students from Nanjing University expressed their deep sorrow over the death of alumni Hu Fuming, who died at 87 on Monday.

Juan Cole (2023-01-03). Will the International Court of Justice finally give a Verdict against Israel's Illegal Squatting in Palestine? juancole.com Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) Al-Quds [Jerusalem] reports the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution entitled "Israeli Practices that affect the Human Rights of the Palestinian People in Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem." It depended on Chapter XIV, Article 96 of the U.N. Charter, which specifies that "The General Assembly or …

_____ (2023-01-03). Brazil's President Lula Is Back — And Bolsonaro Fled To Florida. popularresistance.org Lula da Silva has returned as president of Brazil, the world's sixth-most populous country. This will cause a major geopolitical shift. | Meanwhile, far-right former leader Jair Bolsonaro fled to Florida, fearing legal consequences for his corruption. | Multipolarista spoke with Brazil-based journalist Brian Mier about what Lula's third government means for Latin America and the world. | In his speech before the congress at his January 1 inauguration, Lula he stressed that everyone has the "right to a dignified life, without hunger, with access to employment, health, education." He said his "life mission" is to g…

Arnaud Develay (2023-01-03). Donbass: The War on Remembrance. globalresearch.ca

Barbara Nimri Aziz (2023-01-03). Liberty for Julian Assange. globalresearch.ca

Center For Biological Diversity (2023-01-03). Right Whale Condemned to Extinction in Senate Omnibus. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2023-01-03). Metaphors of Belligerence: Wars By and Against Nature. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Joseph Mercola (2023-01-03). COVID Jabs Have Erased 25 Years of Health Gains. Shocking Decline in US Life Expectancy. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-01-03).

. ecns.cn Thirteen pandas were bred at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Chengdu, Sichuan province, last year.

Emanuel Pastreich (2023-01-03). Video: Is the Chinese Communist Party a Threat? Emanuel Pastreich. globalresearch.ca

Eric Zuesse (2023-01-03). Putin Now Has a Likely Successor: Medvedev? globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2023-01-03). Last Month's (December) Most Popular Articles. globalresearch.ca

John Leake (2023-01-03). Nothing New Under the Sun. 14 Month Baby. "Febrile Seizures after MMR Vaccines" globalresearch.ca

Josh Owens (2023-01-03). The 10 Most Influential Figures in the History of Oil. globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2023-01-03). Oxford Neocon Calls for Disregarding Russia's "Red Lines" globalresearch.ca

Larry Johnson (2023-01-03). Is Western Propaganda Failing? globalresearch.ca

Middle East Eye (2023-01-03). Israel's Ben-Gvir Storms Al-Aqsa in 'Unprecedented Provocation'. globalresearch.ca

Philip Giraldi (2023-01-03). Spies and More Lies Add Confusion to the Ukraine Conflict. globalresearch.ca

Rep. Ron Paul (2023-01-03). A Gloomy 2023? Here Are Some Bright Spots. globalresearch.ca

Robert J. Burrowes (2023-01-03). Ransacking the World Economy Until 'You'll Own Nothing.'. globalresearch.ca

unitedEditor (2023-01-03). From Ivan the Terrible to Stalin and today: History of Russia and the use of force and violence (Pt.1). uwidata.com Following Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, a debate lived up again on the role of force and violence in history — especially concerning the history of Russia itself. United Woeld International author has given a lengthy interview to Emrah Mara≈üo, editor-in-chief of Turkish monthly magazine Bilim ve àútopya (Science and Utopia). The interview was …

jamanetwork (2023-01-03). High- vs Low-Dose Tranexamic Acid Infusion and Need for Red Blood Cell Transfusion and Adverse Events in Cardiac Surgery. jamanetwork.com To the Editor A recent study demonstrated a modest but statistically significant reduction in the number of patients needing red blood cell transfusion with use of high-dose vs low-dose tranexamic acid.

WSWS (2023-01-03). Workers Struggles: The Americas. wsws.org Tenant farmers distributed free food and vegetables in Buenos Aires as part of a protest over land grabs by agribusiness while Akron teachers say they are ready to walk out over contract issues.

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