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2023-03-23: News Headlines

Ashley Lomboy (2023-03-22). My Son's Hair is Part of a Thousand-Year-Old Tribal Culture. His School Called it a 'Fad.'. aclu.org My Native American first-grader Logan loves his long braid. It connects my son to our cultural and spiritual traditions as members of the Waccamaw Siouan Tribe of North Carolina. For thousands of years, male members of our tribe have worn their hair long. It is our spiritual belief that a person's hair is a part of the spirit of the person. With his hair arranged in a long braid running down his back, Logan is confident and proud. | Logan goes to school at Classical Charter Schools of Leland in North Carolina (formerly called Charter Day School). I chose that school because the teachers are really focused on e…

ecns.cn (2023-03-23). LA schools close amid strikes for better pay. ecns.cn Thousands of service workers, backed by teachers, began a three-day strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday, shutting down education for a half-million students in the nation's second-largest school system.

Labor Video Project (2023-03-23). The Pajaro Levee Break, Immigrants, Labor & Climate Crisis With PVFT1936's Pamela Sexton. indybay.org PVFT Local 1936 Delegate Pamela Beth Sexton adult education teacher talks about the effect of the broken levee on the immigrant farmworker community, systemic racism and the role these farmworkers play in our economy.

Media Education Foundation (2023-03-23). Video: After 20 Years, Will US News Media Finally Admit Its Craven Complicity in Iraq War? globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-23). Match Day at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Fourth-year students at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota learned where they will continue their residency training on March 17. Also, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education learned who would be its incoming Mayo residents through the National Resident Matching Program. The medical students opened their envelopes at 11 a.m. CDT discovering their future specialties and residency training locations. Match Day, held on the third Friday in March, is when medical school students and…

Staff (2023-03-23). Venezuela and Sahrawi Arab Republic Sign Cooperation Agreements. orinocotribune.com Venezuela and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic have committed to cooperation agreements in different strategic areas, in order to strengthen relations between the nations. The signing took place this Tuesday, March 21, at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, after a meeting between the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and his Saharawi counterpart, Brahim Ghali. | During the signing, 11 memorandums of understanding were agreed to, wherein all projects have an action plan that will be executed between 2023 and 2025. A number of the agreements are listed below: | A memorandum on university education, signed b…

The Burning Spear, Black Agenda Report. (2023-03-23). US Imposes Economic Sanctions On Black Community Projects. popularresistance.org In March 2023, Regions Bank notified the black nonprofit African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) that the bank was "exiting" their 20-year relationship, closing accounts, withdrawing lines of credit and canceling mortgage loans. | This assault on the ability of African people to build economic self-reliance was the latest in a series of actions revealing government and corporate cooperation targeting the black community programs of the Uhuru (Freedom) Movement including its popular Women's Health Center, Black Power Vanguard Basketball Court, "One Africa! One Nation!" Marketplaces, Gary Brooks Communi…

WSWS (2023-03-23). Striking Los Angeles education workers speak out on second day of strike. wsws.org Unable to continue slaving away for poverty wages in one of the most expensive cities in the world, thousands of education workers, including janitors, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff and teachers continued to publicly demonstrate on Wednesday.

ecns.cn (2023-03-23). China's higher education enrollment ratio reaches 59.6 pct in 2022. ecns.cn The gross enrollment ratio in China's higher education reached 59.6 percent in 2022, up 1.8 percentage points from 2021, the Ministry of Education said Thursday.

Jack Thomas (2023-03-22). Forecasting future socioeconomic longevity inequalities: the impact of lifestyle factors. healtheuropa.com Fanny Janssen, a professor in mortality and longevity, introduces the Future Longevity Inequalities project and discusses how her research could help inform future health policies. In Europe, people with high educational attainment live on average six years longer than people with low educational attainment. This inequality is, in itself, already an important societal problem. Even …

Peoples Dispatch (2023-03-22). 65,000 Los Angeles education workers are on a historic three-day strike. peoplesdispatch.org Workers are fighting for salaries above their current poverty wages, a demand which the the school district with a surplus of USD 5 billion has refused to accept…

WSWS (2023-03-22). Why health workers should support the SEP (Australia) in the NSW state election. wsws.org The Socialist Equality Party is the only party in the NSW election offering workers an alternative to the ongoing slashing of wages and cuts to health, education and other social services.

Abayomi Azikiwe (2023-03-23). South Africa, Russia, China and the Shifting World Situation. globalresearch.ca

Ajamu Baraka (2023-03-23). Commemorations of the Attack on Iraq March 20th and Libya March 19th Reaffirm that the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination Remains the Greatest Threat to International Peace on Our Planet. globalresearch.ca

Brian Shilhavy (2023-03-23). California Farmers: "We've Lost Everything" — $ Billions of Food Lost in Floods in State that Produces Half of America's Agriculture. globalresearch.ca

Cairns News (2023-03-23). Weather Man Who Makes It Rain in Australia. globalresearch.ca

Christopher Black (2023-03-23). Video: The Criminalisation of International Justice. Christopher Black. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Peter McCullough (2023-03-23). "The Covid States Project" Gives New Hope to Unvaccinated. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-03-23). Researchers discover exotic, rare plant species. ecns.cn Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden announced they had discovered a tree with funnel-shaped, red-orange flowers called Pterocymbium macranthum in southwestern China's Yunnan province.

ecns.cn (2023-03-23). 'Terrifying' plastic rocks emerge in remote Island paradise. ecns.cn Melted plastic has become intertwined with rocks on the island, located 1,140 km from the southeastern state of Espirito Santo, which researchers say is evidence of humans' growing influence over the earth's geological cycles.

Elena Teslova (2023-03-23). Russia Slams UK Plans to Send Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2023-03-23). Selected Articles: From Hegemony to Multipolarity: How Post-Cold War U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Russia Is Creating a Modern Eurasia. globalresearch.ca By The present conflict between Russia and Ukr…

Hassan Diab Support Committee (2023-03-23). Imagine a Life Like This: The Relentless Persecution of Hassan Diab. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-23). Science Saturday: New standards and open access can help natural language processing. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Clinical notes in medical records are rich sources of data about human health. But tapping them for medical research can be challenging because these data come from various sources — and they all look different. "There's no standardization in how data is organized and classified across medical records systems," says Sunyang Fu, Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic biomedical informatics researcher. Even the language people use to talk about health can insert discrepancies in how data are…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-23). 'Deaths of Despair' contribute to 17% rise in Minnesota's death rate during COVID-19 pandemic. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org ROCHESTER, Minn. — According to a new study published by Mayo Clinic researchers, the COVID-19 pandemic was linked to a 17% increase in the death rate in Minnesota during the first year of the pandemic compared to the two previous years. Deaths were driven by both COVID-19 and other causes linked with preventable "deaths of despair," such as overdose, alcohol use and malnutrition. The study analyzed Minnesota death certificate data available through the Rochester Epidemiology…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-23). Mayo Clinic cancer expert highlights advancements in treating multiple myeloma. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org ROCHESTER, Minn. — March is Myeloma Awareness Month, and Sikander Ailawadhi, M.D., hematologist/oncologist at Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, shares details about new advancements in research leading to better outcomes for patients with multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a relatively uncommon form of blood cancer in the bone marrow that affects less than 1% of the U.S. population, according to the American Cancer Society. While there is no cure, the disease can be treated with…

Pepe Escobar (2023-03-23). In Moscow, Xi and Putin Bury Pax Americana. globalresearch.ca

Prof Rodrigue Tremblay (2023-03-23). American Recurring Banking and Financial Crises: The Historical and Regulatory Context. globalresearch.ca

Robert J. Burrowes (2023-03-23). Rage Against the War Machine: What Rage? 'When will they ever learn?'. globalresearch.ca

Seymour M. Hersh (2023-03-23). The Cover-Up: The Biden Administration Continues to Conceal Its Responsibility for the Destruction of the Nord Stream Pipelines. globalresearch.ca

Shane Quinn (2023-03-23). America's Vulnerable Energy Security. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-03-23). Chinese scientists build world's first Geminiviridae-Plant-Insect Database. ecns.cn A Chinese team of the Institute of Plant Protection(IPP) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS) has established the world's first GPI Base (Geminiviridae-Plant-Insect Database), in collaboration with other domestic research teams, according to CAAS.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-23). Women in science: Q&A with Robin Patel, M.D. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Robin Patel, M.D. Two events held early each year are opportunities to support and recognize the contributions of women in scientific fields. In February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science promotes full and equal access to and participation in science. Women's History Month in March is an opportunity to recognize women who have made significant contributions to science. Mayo Clinic physician researcher Robin Patel, M.D., shares her perspective and advice for others pursuing a research career in this…

Adeyinka Makinde (2023-03-22). From Hegemony to Multipolarity: How Post-Cold War U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Russia Is Creating a Modern Eurasia. globalresearch.ca

Anonymous103 (2023-03-22). Sino-Russian Technological And Military Cooperation Exponentially Strengthens Both Superpowers' Capabilities. southfront.org Illustrative ImageChina and Russia will further expand their cooperation in areas such as information technologies and advanced AI, involving approximately 80 new projects assessed at over $165 billion. This includes aircraft and machine tools manufacturing, space research and strengthening of military cooperation, including further unification of Moscow's and Beijing's know-how. | Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst | After the en…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-22). South Africa Reaffirms Its Support For Russia And The Multipolar World Order. southfront.org Illustrative ImagePutin says that Russia is "resisting neo-colonial ideology" like Africa. | Written by Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher | The Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, who attended the 2nd Russia-Africa Parliamentary Conference, announced on March 20 that Pretoria would continue to support Moscow and that her country is committed to building a multipolar world order."We will continue to lean on you, and you can rest assure…

Anonymous103 (2023-03-22). Turkish-American Divergences May Hinder Erdogan's Reelection. southfront.org Illustrative ImageWashington could start a campaign against the incumbent president and clandestinely support opposition and even Kurdish groups. | Written by Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts | US-Turkish differences are on the rise and incumbent president Recep Tayyip Erdogan might be facing his most difficult election in 20 years. Erdogan's domestic problems are well known: the country now experiances a 55 percent inflation and last October it had reached a 25-year high of 8…

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2023-03-22). Uranwaffeneinsatz der NATO in Serbien 1999: Der Krieg, der nicht zu Ende geht. globalresearch.ca Alle Artikel von Global Research kà∂nnen in 51 Sprachen gelesen werden, indem Sie die Schaltflà§che Website àºbersetzen unterhalb des Namens des Autors aktivieren. | Um den tà§glichen Newsletter von Global Research (ausgewà§hlte Artikel) zu erhalten, Folgen Sie …

Dr. Suzanne Burdick (2023-03-22). 'Smart' Masks for Cows? Bill Gates Invests $4.7 Million in Data-Collecting "Faceware for Livestock" globalresearch.ca

Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović (2023-03-22). "Market Socialism" and the Destruction of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2023-03-22). Giant panda Bao Xin dies from multiple organ failure. ecns.cn Giant panda Bao Xin died of multiple organ failure on March 14, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in southwest China's Sichuan Province announced late Tuesday.

Global Research News (2023-03-22). Selected Articles: Breaking: "Second Russia Offensive" (SRO): Vladimir Sharpens the Cleaver; Volodymyr Fattens the Calf. globalresearch.ca By NATO prophesied a Second Russian Offensive (SRO) on the muddy heals of rasputitsa [Spring]. Then when queried, on February …

imperial.ac.uk (2023-03-22). Government science adviser encourages more researchers to influence policy. imperial.ac.uk Imperial Policy Forum welcomed Professor Dame Angela McLean, Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to Imperial College.

Malaka Rodrigo (2023-03-22). As Crop-raiding Animals Reach an All-time High, Food-crisis Hit Sri Lanka Looks for Solutions. asia-pacificresearch.com

Peter Koenig (2023-03-22). Warning! Silicon Valley Bank Collapse — A Prelude of Much Worse to Come? Derivatives: "Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction". globalresearch.ca

Prof Denis Rancourt (2023-03-22). Proof That Canada's COVID-19 Mortality Statistics Are Incorrect. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2023-03-22). Ukraine's "Neo-Nazi Summer Camp". Military Training for Young Children, Para-military Recruits. globalresearch.ca The Azov battalion supported by its Western partners is not only involved in para-military operations in Donbass, it is also running a Summer Camp military training project for young children.

Ryan Cristián (2023-03-22). EPA Forcing Ohio Toxic Waste On Facilities Not Able To Process Dioxins/PFAS. thelastamericanvagabond.com Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/22/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth

Uriel Araujo (2023-03-22). US-Turkey Divergences May Hinder Erdogan's Reelection. globalresearch.ca

Chaitanya Davé (2023-03-22). Massive Propaganda Machine Brainwashing Americans. globalresearch.ca

Chris Hedges (2023-03-22). The Lord of Chaos. "The Politicians Who Lied to Us Extinguished Millions of Lives". Chris Hedges. globalresearch.ca

Colleen Moore (2023-03-22). The US Must Trade Muscles for Diplomacy to End the North Korean Nuclear Crisis. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Emanuel Garcia (2023-03-22). Transition from Year 1 B.C. (Before Corona). Secrecy and the New Zealand Government in the "Year of Our Democide" globalresearch.ca

Dr. Javad Masoumi (2023-03-22). "The Iran-Saudi deal is a fatal blow to the Arab-Israeli pact against Iran." globalresearch.ca

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2023-03-22). NATO's Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons in Serbia in 1999: The War that Won't End. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2023-03-22). When Will We Profess the Unity of the Human Race? globalresearch.ca

Free Alex Saab (2023-03-22). Urgent: Imprisoned Diplomat Alex Saab's Life Is in Danger. globalresearch.ca

Jack Montgomery (2023-03-22). Populist Win: New Anti-Globalist Farmers Win Even More Dutch Senators Than Expected, Are Largest Party. globalresearch.ca

Suadad al-Salhy (2023-03-22). Ten Days that Changed Iraq — and Me — Forever. globalresearch.ca

Tamara Ugolini (2023-03-22). Ontario Nurse Faces Disciplinary Hearings for the Crime of Advocating for Patient Well-being. globalresearch.ca

The Good Citizen (2023-03-22). The Empire of Lies: ChatGPT's "Artificial Intelligence" Knows U.S. War Criminals. globalresearch.ca

Walt Zlotow (2023-03-22). For Second Time, US Seeks to Sabotage a Russo-Ukraine Negotiated Peace. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-23). Artificial intelligence massage therapy? Meet the robot being studied by Mayo Clinic. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Getting a massage from a robot may seem like something out of a science fiction story, but it could be a reality in the not-too-distant future. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is looking into the possibility of robotic massage as an answer for patients' pain relief and alleviating some staffing burdens. Watch: Artificial intelligence massage therapy? Meet the robot being studied by Mayo Clinic youtu.be/GXEXUCCCGzI Journalists: Broadcast-quality video (1: 17) is in the downloads at the…

Tanupriya Singh, People's Dispatch. (2023-03-23). IPCC Report: A Warning, And An Opportunity To Act. popularresistance.org On Monday, March 20, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the final part of its Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), called the Synthesis Report (SYR). | The report is a compilation of the IPCC's three previous assessment reports, which covered the science of climate change, its risks and impacts, and the means of adaptation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The text also covers the 2018 report on the impacts of global heating beyond 1.5 ∞C and special reports on climate, oceans, and land. | The IPCC notes that human activities have "unequivocally caused global warming, with global…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-22). Science Saturday: Expanding regenerative biotherapeutics to new practice areas. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org As a physician at the forefront of new cancer therapies, Yi Lin, M.D., Ph.D., understands the highs and lows that patients experience. Will the latest technologies slow or stop disease? If not, is this the last, best option? Dr. Lin, a hematologist, sees the need for a new class of drugs that provides different treatment choices for patients with complex conditions, such as cancer. As the new associate medical director for Mayo Clinic's Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics, …

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2023-03-23). Pelvic floor issues aren't just a woman's health condition, Kegels can work for men, too. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org LA CROSSE, Wis. — Women often are told about the importance of Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles. It turns out that men should think about doing the exercises as well. Statistics show that 32% of women will have at least one pelvic floor disorder (PFD) at one time in their life. However, a recent study suggests that although much attention is directed toward women pelvic floor disorders, 16% of men have also been identified…

ecns.cn (2023-03-23). Macao's daily visitor arrivals set new high in 3 years. ecns.cn Visitor arrivals in Macao reached 96,000 on Saturday, a daily record high in three years, the Macao Special Administrative Region's (SAR) statistical agency said on Thursday.

Ashley Curtin (2023-03-23). School support workers strike closing more than 1,000 LA schools. nationofchange.org More than 1,000 schools are closed because of the strike, which impacts 422,000 students.

East Meadow Action Committee (2023-03-23). East Meadow Update 3/17/23. indybay.org On March 15 and 16, 2023 the UC Regents took up UCSC's latest proposal for Student Housing West. With almost no deliberation they approved the proposal unanimously.

WSWS (2023-03-23). Sri Lankan president anti-democratically shuts down local government elections. wsws.org Wickremesinghe's cancellation of local government elections is in line with his essential services strike bans and mobilisation of the police and military against protesting workers and students.

ecns.cn (2023-03-22). Students returned after illegally entering Myanmar. ecns.cn A number of vocational school students from Anhui province who were tempted into entering Myanmar illegally to work have been returned to China.

Henry Hicks IV, In These Times. (2023-03-22). Black Educators Are Reimagining A Better School System. popularresistance.org Woodbridge, VA – The plastic sign displayed prominently on De'Ana Forbes' classroom door is especially fitting this week. In big bold letters: "Warning! History Teacher Zone. Your understanding of the past may be corrected at any time." | It's early in this sleepy suburb 45 minutes outside Washington, D.C., and the sun is still rising over Freedom High School as students jog inside from late-arriving buses, backpacks half-hung over shoulders with winter coats swinging. They push through crowded hallways and hurry to first period. | Forbes, 28, who teaches U.S. history and social studies, is o…

Nadra Nittle (2023-03-22). Workers in Second-Largest US School District Demand Raises During 3-Day Strike. truthout.org At the School of Social Justice, Julia Quiroz is one of a kind: She's the sole bilingual teaching assistant. Despite her unique role on the campus of more than 400 students — 35 percent of whom are English learners — Quiroz's hourly pay is $16.91, not much more than California's minimum wage of $15.50. The income she receives from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)… |

WSWS (2023-03-22). 65,000 school workers begin three-day strike in Los Angeles. wsws.org Workers in the America's second-largest district, which serves 420,000 students are demanding improvements on short staffing, high workloads and class sizes and poverty wages, made worse by skyrocketing inflation.

WSWS (2023-03-22). French students denounce complicity of union bureaucracies, National Assembly in Macron's cuts. wsws.org The WSWS spoke with students protesting Macron's anti-democratic passage of the pension reform at the Tolbiac university campus in central Paris.

Rick Rozoff (2023-03-22). Georgia: German FM to rally coup forces, push NATO integration, armed conflict with Russia. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Rustavi 2March 22, 2023 German Foreign Minister to visit Georgia German Foreign Minister will visit Georgia on March 23-24. According to the German Embassy in Georgia, meetings of Annalena Baerbock with the President, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia are scheduled as part of the visit. She will meet with students, as …

WSWS (2023-03-23). The global significance of the Los Angeles school workers' strike. wsws.org The three-day strike by 65,000 public school workers and teachers in Los Angeles, the largest strike in the US since 2019, is the latest manifestation of the growing wave of international working class struggles.

Zach Farber (2023-03-23). Chicago can elect a progressive mayor on April 4. liberationnews.org The April 4 runoff election will feature failed public school executive Paul Vallas (32.9%) against a long-time Chicago Teachers Union leader: Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson (21.6%).

Eduardo Vargas & Dylan Gamez (2023-03-23). Los Angeles public school workers continue to fight for fair wages in historic 3-day solidarity strike. liberationnews.org In a historic show of solidarity, 65,000 public school workers from Service Employees International Union Local 99 and United Teachers Los Angeles are striking for three days, from March 21-23. Local 99 represents cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers and many other service professions. The union is currently bargaining with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for a 30% wage increase, more full time positions, equitable access to health care, and more in an effort to provide a livable income and a better work environment.

Richie Merino (2023-03-22). 'Feed the people, not the U.S. war machine!'. workers.org Richie Merino, an organizer with the International Action Center and the United National Antiwar Coalition, gave this talk at the March 18 antiwar demonstration in Washington, D.C. Merino, a writer for Workers World newspaper, is a proud public school teacher in the South Bronx, New York. Richie Merino leads chants . . . |

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