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2024-06-03: News Headlines

MEE staff (2024-06-03). Tunisia bans Palestinian keffiyeh inside exam halls. middleeasteye.net Tunisia bans Palestinian keffiyeh inside exam halls | The education ministry has banned students from wearing clothing that might 'influence' them during exams, while reaffirming its support for Palestine | | Tunisians gather in Tunis on 27 May in solidarity with Palestinians amid Israel's ongoing wa…

Mohamed Mandour (2024-06-03). Attacks, arrests, threats, censorship: The high risks of reporting the Israel-Gaza war. cpj.org Since the Israel-Gaza war began on October 7, journalists and media across the region have faced a hostile environment that has made reporting on the war exceptionally challenging. In addition to documenting the growing tally of journalists killed and injured, CPJ's research has found multiple kinds of incidents of journalists being targeted while carrying out…

Mike Whitney (2024-06-03). To Avoid Nuclear War, Putin Needs to be a Little Crazier. globalresearch.ca

Caitlin Johnstone (2024-06-03). The US Empire Isn't a Government That Runs Nonstop Wars, It's a Nonstop War That Runs a Government. globalresearch.ca

Caitlin Johnstone (2024-06-03). They Can't Control the Gaza Narrative Because Too Much Has Been Seen. globalresearch.ca

Alex Darocy (2024-06-03). Riot Cops Destroy UCSC's Gaza Solidarity Encampment and Arrest Dozens of Students. indybay.org Shortly after midnight on May 31, riot cops from multiple agencies descended on UC Santa Cruz in order to remove the Gaza Solidarity Encampment established by Students for Justice in Palestine. For the first hour of the police presence, officers cordoned off the area surrounding the encampment. Students then grouped closely together and locked arms near a blockaid they created on May 28 to prevent traffic from entering the main entrance to campus. Throughout the evening and into the morning there were hundreds of riot cops on campus.

Richard D. Wolff (2024-06-03). A Professor on 'Authorities' Who Order Police to Crush Student Protests. counterpunch.org

Liu Xin (2024-06-03). Video: Whispers of Power: U.S. Wargaming in Taiwan. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2024-06-03). Watching Washington Foment Nuclear War. globalresearch.ca

Peter Koenig (2024-06-03). WHO's Pandemic Treaty Is Dead — For Now. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Larudee (2024-06-03). Paying the Toll: The Price of Resistance in Gaza. More than 200,000 Dead. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Peter McCullough (2024-06-03). Tattoos Associated with Increased Risk of Lymphoma. globalresearch.ca

_____ (2024-06-03). Race, Policing, and the Limits of Social Science. transcend.org 6 May 2024 – Studying the social world requires more than deference to data—no matter the prestige or sophistication of the tools with which they are parsed.

WSWS (2024-06-03). "A chilling effect on the exercise of free speech rights": University of California issues vindictive interim suspensions to student protesters. wsws.org The suspensions of students underscores the close ties between UC and the US and Isreali war machines…

The Media Line Staff (2024-06-03). Student Protests: Success or Failure? themedialine.org

ecns.cn (2024-06-03). China's C919 jetliner completes first overseas commercial charter flight. ecns.cn A C919 jetliner of the China Eastern Airlines fleet on Saturday kicked off its first overseas commercial chartered flight, providing a round-trip service between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

greenleft.org.au (2024-06-03). ANU students continue Gaza solidarity encampment. greenleft.org.au

noemail (2024-06-03). UST Acquires Endeavor to Enhance Life Sciences Digital Transformation. devdiscourse.com ALISO VIEJO, Calif. and BENGALURU, India, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, announced its acquisition of Endeavor Consulting Group, a global player in supply chain management and product commercialization consulting. Founded in 2006, Endeavor's expertise in life sciences and SAP Gold Partner status will significantly boost UST's capabilities.

ecns.cn (2024-06-03). Xi sends congratulatory letter on 30th anniversary of Chinese Academy of Engineering. ecns.cn Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday called on the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) to play its role as a national strategic sci-tech force and make new contributions to the country's great self-reliance and strength in science and technology.

ecns.cn (2024-06-03). Qinghai-Tibet Plateau lakes expanding rapidly. ecns.cn The area of lakes on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has expanded by over 10,000 square kilometers over the past 30 years according to researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Research Institute.

greenleft.org.au (2024-06-03). ANU Gaza Encampment relocates, vows to continue despite VC's threats. greenleft.org.au

ecns.cn (2024-06-03). More than 70 scientific achievements published on studies of lunar samples brought back by Chang'e-5 probe. ecns.cn Researchers studying the lunar samples brought back by Chang'e-5 mission have accomplished a number of milestone achievements with over 70 findings being published in major academic journals both at home and abroad.

ptcnews.tv (2024-06-03). Los Angeles: 23-year-old Indian student goes missing in US. ptcnews.tv PTC News Desk: The newest case in the nation as the community deals with a run of similar incidents involving students is a 23-year-old Indian student who has been missing in the US state of California since last week. Police have asked the public for assistance in finding her.Police say that on May 28, Nitheesha Kandula, a student at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), vanished from sight.John Guttierez, the Chief of Police at CSUSB, stated in a post on X on Sunday that she was last seen in Los Angeles and was reported missing on May 30. | "#MissingPersonAlert: California State University, San…

Hannah Davenport (2024-06-03). Labour has 'historic opportunity' to reverse NHS privatisation, says campaigners. leftfootforward.org Labour has been told it will have a 'historic opportunity' to reverse NHS outsourcing in its first term, if the party wins the general election. | Assuming Labour takes office on July 5, campaign group We Own It has laid out a plan for Labour not to renew private NHS contracts which are set to expire in the first term of the next government, as analysis has found a huge majority of contracts will need renewing over the next four years. | Based on an analysis of NHS contracts, data has shown that the next government will inherit 7,452 contracts, worth a total of £29.1bn, between for-profit private compan…

Sam Morris (2024-06-03). Uni of Queensland forced to disclose, students vow to fight on to divest from the war machine. greenleft.org.au The University of Queensland committed to disclosing financial and research partnerships with weapons manufactures in return for the UQ Gaza solidarity camp shutting down. Sam Morris reports.

ecns.cn (2024-06-03). Social sciences in spotlight at Beijing forum. ecns.cn Experts and authorities gathered in Beijing on Sunday for a seminar exploring the role of social sciences in shaping modern Chinese civilization.

newarab (2024-06-03). Azmi Bishara: Biden's speech puts Netanyahu in awkward position. newarab.com There is now an American conviction that the war in Gaza must end, said Dr. Azmi Bishara, general director of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, following In a new interview aired Friday evening on The New Arab's affiliated Al-Araby TV, Bishara emphasized the significance of U.S. President Joe Biden's address, noting the optics of Biden presenting the Israeli initiative from the White House, and of adding his interpretation…

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