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2021-08-09: News Headlines

_____ (2021-08-09). GCP's Report: No Part Of The Planet Will Be Spared. popularresistance.org Amidst a summer of fires, floods and heat waves, scientists on Monday delivered yet another reminder that burning more fossil fuels in the decades ahead will rapidly intensify the impacts of global warming. Only pulling the emergency brake right now on greenhouse gas emissions can stop the planet from heating to a dangerous level by the end of the century, the scientists' report concluded. | The report, Climate Change 2021: the Physical Science Basis, is the first installment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), which will be completed in 2022. It was approved Aug. 6 b…

Turkey News (2021-08-09). Turkey Objects US Plan on Resettlement of Afghans. globalresearch.ca

Staff (2021-08-09). Headlines for August 9, 2021. democracynow.org Irreversible Climate Devastation Unavoidable, World Has Little Time to Make Drastic Change | , Dixie Fire Explodes to Largest Single Fire in CA History; Wildfires Continue to Ravage Greece | , Taliban Seize 5 Afghan Cities as War Threatens to Claim Even More Lives, Fauci Warns New Variant Could Emerge If Pandemic Not Brought Under Control, Cases Surge in TX, FL as GOP Govs Fight Health Measures; Teachers Union Considers Vaccine Mandate, Biden Admin Extends Pause on Federal Student Loan Repayment, Senators Push Forward $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Texas Democrats Absent from Special Session, Again…

Iman Ganji (2021-08-09). Protesting settler colonialism in the neoliberal university. zcomm.org When Dutch art students wanted to show solidarity with Palestine, their school attempted to silence them. Students resisted with artistic forms of protest…

Rick Rozoff (2021-08-09). U.S. prepares Ghana for NATO partnership. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com U.S. Air Force, Ghanaian Armed Forces strengthen ties through education and training Twenty members of the Ghanaian Armed Forces completed a two-week, professional military education course hosted by the Inter-European Air Forces Academy July 19-30, 2021, in Accra, Ghana. **** While this was the academy's first-ever engagement on the African continent, it won't be the …

Shawgi Tell (2021-08-09). Idaho's Segregated Charter Schools. dissidentvoice.org The crisis-prone charter school sector has been highly segregated for three decades. No amount of charter school disinformation has been able to conceal this harsh reality. Non-profit and for-profit charter schools are notorious for selective enrollment practices even though they are said to be "public" schools "open to all." Many have been investigated for discriminatory …

Sarah Lahm (2021-08-09). What Schools in Minneapolis Are Teaching About Race. progressive.org Hint: It's not about blaming white people or hating the United States.

Michael J. Talmo (2021-08-09). Tyranny: The Deadliest Pandemic. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2021-08-09). The "COVID Pandemic" Is a Money-making Hoax and Perhaps Serves Darker Agendas. globalresearch.ca

The Highwire (2021-08-09). Major Health Care Provider Files Million Dollar Lawsuit in "Politically Motivated" Attempt to Silence Top COVID Doctor Peter A. McCullough. globalresearch.ca

Sangmi Cha (2021-08-09). South Korea to Compensate Nurse Paralysed after COVID-19 Shot. globalresearch.ca

Professor Piers Robinson (2021-08-09). Video: COVID Is a Global Propaganda Operation. Prof. Piers Robinson. globalresearch.ca

Jordan Schachtel (2021-08-09). Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is Defending Freedom by 'Getting in the Way' of COVID Authoritarians. globalresearch.ca

ecns.cn (2021-08-09). With records of 'lab-created coronaviruses' incidents, supervision loopholes and audacious germ researchers, what really happened in US' UNC labs?>. ecns.cn Alongside the infamous Fort Detrick lab has become the focus of public suspicion in the search for the origins of COVID-19, with many observers pointing to its poor safety record and unwillingness of researchers to speak publicly.

Dr. Joseph Mercola (2021-08-09). Data Reveal the Truth About COVID Countermeasures. "What's Behind the Covid Jab Narrative" globalresearch.ca

Debra Heine (2021-08-09). Dr. McCullough: COVID Vaccines Have Already Killed Up to 50,000 Americans, According to Whistleblowers. globalresearch.ca

Great Game India (2021-08-09). Canada Adds Bell's Palsy Warning to Pfizer COVID Vaccine. globalresearch.ca

Nayvin Gordon (2021-08-09). Without Public Health Safety Mandates and Containment Actions–Vaccines Will Leave Us All. indybay.org Vaccines and Public Health Science both are necessary to beat fCovid-19…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-09). Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: The COVID-19 delta variant has changed everything. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org A fourth COVID-19 surge is blanketing the U.S., and the delta variant is the culprit. "Where did this delta variant come from? It came from unvaccinated people getting infected in large numbers allowing the virus to continue mutating," says Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious diseases expert and head of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group. In the past, a person with COVID-19 might infect two to four people. But with the delta variant, one person can infect…

Megan Redshaw (2021-08-09). Physician Speaks Out Against 'Vaccine Mandates for All' — Especially Children and Those with Natural Immunity. globalresearch.ca

South Front (2021-08-09). Video: Riots in South Africa: Causes, Interests and Consequences. globalresearch.ca

Andrew Korybko (2021-08-09). Will India & Iran Ally with Kabul Against the Taliban? asia-pacificresearch.com

Anonymous103 (2021-08-09). The Fake "Delta Variant" and the Fourth Wave: Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash? Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage? southfront.org Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; originally published on Global Research Introduction Is a new worldwide lockdown envisaged as a means to…

Global Research News (2021-08-09). Selected Articles: A Letter to the Unvaccinated. globalresearch.ca By The world's

Prabir Purkayastha (2021-08-09). Remembering the Great Scientific Crusader Who Showed That No Biological Basis for Race Exists: Richard Lewontin. counterpunch.org On July 4, Richard Lewontin, the dialectical biologist, Marxist and activist, died at the age of 92, just three days after the death of his wife of more than 70 years, Mary Jane. He was one of the founders of modern biology who brought together three different disciplines—statistics, molecular biology and evolutionary biology—that mark the

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-08-09). Prior to 9/11: US Covert Support to Al Qaeda in Macedonia, "Financing Both Sides" globalresearch.ca This essay was first published by antiwar.com in April 2001, barely 5 months before the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. | It was subsequently published by Global Research when the site was launched in September 2001. …

Adan Salazar (2021-08-09). Israel, Australia Report 95-99% Hospitalized Fully Vaccinated. globalresearch.ca

Philip A Farruggio (2021-08-09). Nomad America? The Super Rich and the Brutality of Corporate Capitalism. globalresearch.ca

Matthew Ehret-Kump (2021-08-09). Humanity as a Species of the Stars or Lab Rats in Geopolitical Cage? globalresearch.ca

Dr. Andrew Glikson (2021-08-09). New Book: The Fatal Species: From Warlike Primates to Planetary Mass Extinction. globalresearch.ca

Karen Conner (2021-08-09). PREVIEW: What to Look for in the July Consumer Price Index. cepr.net (The monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) is scheduled for release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday, August 11th at 8: 30 AM Eastern Time.) We saw a big jump in prices in many areas in June, which was obviously the result of disruptions associated with the rapid reopening and/or catch up from price drops at …

Adam Sanchez (2021-08-09). Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12.56.38 PM.png. progressive.org Republicans want students to learn a mythological version of U.S. history because the reality of the past threatens their power in the present.

Dr. Gary G. Kohls (2021-08-09). An Urgent Reading Assignment for the Vaccinology-illiterate that Makes Vaccine-hesitancy Logical. globalresearch.ca

Free West Media (2021-08-09). German Chief Pathologist Sounds Alarm on Fatal Vaccine Injuries. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-09). Science Saturday: Regenerative pipeline for spinal cord repair. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Mayo Clinic research is learning how stem cell therapy can treat neurodegenerative diseases. Mayo is among the first to study whether stem cell therapy might trigger healing for spinal cord injury. Research is ongoing in preclinical models, but it also has advanced from discovery science to early clinical trials. It's a complex question because different forms of stem cells can be derived from different biologics within the body. Mayo Clinic's Center for Regenerative Medicine is driving the research that…

Sumner Jules Glimcher (2021-08-09). Video: Remember Hiroshima: "People Became Nothing, … People Dying All Around Me" globalresearch.ca First published on August 6, 2017 Within 9 seconds one hundred thousand people were killed or doomed… | And that's what is on the drawing board of the Pentagon on a much larger scale, with a trillion dollar nuclear weapons …

imperial.ac.uk (2021-08-09). Serendipitous double flyby of Venus provides unprecedented science opportunity. imperial.ac.uk Two spacecraft, both carrying Imperial kit, are flying by Venus only a day apart, giving a rare opportunity to study the planet's space environment.

Bob Price (2021-08-09). Stop the giveaway of California's community Colleges. indybay.org Students, community members, faculty and staff are organizing to stop the privatization of California's community colleges.

Andy Rowell (2021-08-09). False Solutions: To Achieve Net Zero, Carbon Offsetting Would Use Up All Global Farmland. globalresearch.ca

Aggregate Space Gallery (2021-08-09). Saturday 8/28: Zamin Project | Panel 3: SWANA in the BAY AREA: Teaching, Pedagogy, Mentors. indybay.org Virtual event only…

Shane Quinn (2021-08-09). World War II: US Military Destroyed 66 Japanese Cities Before Planning to Wipe Out the Same Number of Soviet Cities. globalresearch.ca The number of Japanese cities destroyed was the exact figure that the Pentagon compiled when finalizing plans, in mid-September 1945, to eviscerate the Soviet Union. Indeed, 66 Soviet cities were earmarked to be wiped out — with 204 atomic bombs — less than 2 weeks after Japan's surrender.

Huck Davenport (2021-08-09). The Vaccine: Experimental Times Two. globalresearch.ca

Aggregate Space Gallery (2021-08-09). Saturday 8/28: ÔªøÔªøÔªøÔªøZamin Project | Panel 3: SWANA In The Bay Area: Teaching, Pedagogy, Mentors. indybay.org Virtual event only…

Larry Sanger (2021-08-09). The Astonishing Hubris of a Global Experimental Vaccine. globalresearch.ca

Rod Driver (2021-08-09). The Illusion of US and British Government Aid. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (2021-08-09). Obama Did Not Kill Osama bin Laden. globalresearch.ca

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