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2021-08-17: News Headlines

Dr. Jack Rasmus (2021-08-17). Afghanistan & the American Imperial Project. globalresearch.ca

Prof Rodrigue Tremblay (2021-08-17). A Chaotic US Exit from Afghanistan: American Emperors Have No Clothes. globalresearch.ca

Douglas Macgregor (2021-08-17). Make No Mistake, the US Military Will Continue to Thrive after Afghanistan. globalresearch.ca

Pepe Escobar (2021-08-17). The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Back with a Bang. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-08-17). The Spoils of War: Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade. globalresearch.ca Since the US led invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, the Golden Crescent opium trade has soared. According to the US media, this lucrative contraband is protected by Osama, the Taliban, not to mention, of course, the regional warlords, in defiance of the "international community".

South Front (2021-08-17). Video: The Taliban's Sweeping Victory Leaves Afghans Reeling. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2021-08-17). Selected Articles: Don't Let Them Fool You: Afghanistan Has Been a "Tremendous Success" globalresearch.ca By Exposing this uncanny censorship of eminent voices is especially vital to the fate of children and youth, who are being aggressively targeted for low-benefit, sometimes lethal, …

Daniel Larison (2021-08-17). End the Illegal U.S. Military Presence in Syria. globalresearch.ca

Kuehn BM. (2021-08-17). Cyclosporiasis Action Plan Aims to Reduce Food Contamination. jamanetwork.com In response to increasing foodborne illness outbreaks linked with the Cyclospora cayetanensis bacterium, the FDA and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have developed an action plan focused on detection, prevention, and education.

Omata F, Oura M, Nishikawa Y. (2021-08-17). Use of Antimicrobials in a Cohort of US Nursing Homes. jamanetwork.com To the Editor A recent study measuring the use of antimicrobials in US nursing homes in 2017 demonstrated that nursing home residents from nonmetropolitan areas were prescribed antimicrobials more often than those from metropolitan areas, with an odds ratio of 1.4 (95% CI, 1.1-1.7). However, we believe that 2 points relating to medical education should be addressed.

Editor2 (2021-08-17). Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib Decry Hindutva Attempts To Distort India's History. orinocotribune.com By Snigdhendu Bhattacharya — Aug 13, 2021 | Thapar said that a false narrative is being spread, including through the education system, by India's present authorities, while Habib held that a false history was akin to a disease for the country. | The event, titled 'In Defence of History', was attended by Habib, economist Prabhat Patnaik, Indian History Congress (IHC) president Amiya Kumar Bagchi, historian Aditya Mukherjee and CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury. | During her speech, Thapar said that attempts were being made to legitimise "the currently popular, distorted history to defend political ide…

WorkWeek (2021-08-17). WorkWeek On Trumka, Racist Attacks & Hanging Nooses & Privatization Of Education. indybay.org WorkWeek covers the death of former AFL-CIO president Trumka, the racist terror campaign against Black LA Belt line rail workers including hanging nooses. WorkWeek also covers the privatization of public education and the racist xenophobic attacks on Asians and Asian Americans.

Melody Schreiber (2021-08-17). Public Education Is Set Up to Fail in the Pandemic. thenation.com Public Education Is Set Up to Fail in the Pandemic…

Tom Engelhardt (2021-08-17). Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Is Higher Education a Pyramid Scheme? warisacrime.org This article originally appeared at TomDispatch.com. To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here. My parents certainly had college dreams for me. After all, they wanted me to move up in life, big time. Where exactly "up" was seemed less than clear to me then. But after a great fight — I …

Alan MacLeod (2021-08-17). Creative Associates International (CAI): It's Not Exactly the CIA, but Close Enough. orinocotribune.com By Alan Macleod — Aug 13, 2021 | While mercenary armies like Blackwater have at least been subject to inquiry, making the company's name infamous around the world, Creative Associates International has largely flown under the radar — exactly where the organization's board wants it to be. | CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND — You have likely not heard of them, but Creative Associates International (CAI) is one of the largest and most powerful non-governmental organizations operating anywhere in the world. A pillar of soft U.S. power, the group has been an architect in privatizing the Iraqi education system, d…

Revolver (2021-08-17). Navy Commander Warns of "National Security Threat" from Mandatory Vaccination of U.S. Military Personnel. globalresearch.ca

Duggan CP, Sunguya B, Stanford F. (2021-08-17). Reporting of Race and Ethnicity in Medical and Scientific Journals. jamanetwork.com To the Editor We believe that the recent Editorial about how race and ethnicity are reported in the literature missed an opportunity to make several important points, some of which we have recently noted. First, the conflation of race and ethnicity should be avoided. While the authors provided separate definitions of these terms, their repeated use of the hyphenated phrase "race/ethnicity" encourages authors and researchers to merge the 2 concepts.

Paul Antonopoulos (2021-08-17). Bolsonaro's Popularity Continues to Plummet as Venezuela Becomes Hot Topic Again. globalresearch.ca

jamanetwork (2021-08-17). A Simple Approach to Relieve Teens' Anxiety and Depression. jamanetwork.com An intervention known as Shamiri helped relieve Kenyan adolescents' depression and anxiety symptoms more effectively than a program aimed at improving their secondary school study skills, researchers reported in JAMA Psychiatry.

Zero Hedge (2021-08-17). China Dumped US Treasuries for 4th Straight Month, Most Since 2016. globalresearch.ca

Sandipan Talukdar (2021-08-17). The first coins were minted in China, suggests new research. peoplesdispatch.org It has long been thought that coin minting — the process of coin manufacturing which includes the stampings on them — first began in Turkey or Greece. However, this has been challenged by recent findings, which suggest that coin minting may have begun in China. The findings have been published in the journal

Jim Miles (2021-08-17). In the Shadows of the American Century — The Rise and Decline of US Global Power. globalresearch.ca

Kevin Ryan (2021-08-17). Investigating 9/11 and Naming Suspects. Evaluating Evidence. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-08-17). The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of "Positive Cases" are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis. globalresearch.ca One year later the WHO retracts. They don't say "We Made a Mistake". It's carefully formulated. While they do not officially deny the validity of their misleading January 2020 guidelines, they recommend RT-PCR "Re-testing" (which everybody knows is an impossibility).

Brian Shilhavy (2021-08-17). CDC Records Show 12,791 Dead and 682,873 Injuries Following COVID-19 Experimental Shots. globalresearch.ca

Timothy Alexander Guzman (2021-08-17). The People vs. Medical Tyranny? Resistance on a Global Scale Grows Against Mandatory Vaccinations, Health Pass Requirements and Face Masks. globalresearch.ca

imperial.ac.uk (2021-08-17). Histamine could be a key player in depression, according to study in mice. imperial.ac.uk Bodily inflammation dampens levels of a 'feel-good molecule' and antidepressants' ability to boost them, according to new research in mice.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-17). Mayo Clinic Minute: Music on the brain. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Music soothes, energizes and inspires. It also fortifies pathways in your brain that neurologists say can lead to a better understanding of cognition and dementia. To help better understand how music strengthens the brain, Dr. Bernard Bendok, chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, explains how music strikes a chord with researchers in this Mayo Clinic Minute. Note: Music composed by the musician and free to use. Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute youtu.be/UrGabRHqWFs

Edward Curtin (2021-08-17). The Houses of Dead and Crooked Souls. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-17). Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: How Mayo hopes to slam the door when COVID-19 comes knocking. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org The COVID-19 pandemic has brought public awareness to vaccines and how vaccines work. A vaccine is any agent that causes the immune system to remember a specific disease-causing entity, thereby preventing future infections. In the case of COVID-19, that's a coronavirus. At Mayo Clinic, decades of research have led to development of a new vaccine platform — a single-cycle adenovirus nasal vaccine — that is now being tested in a phase 1 clinical trial for COVID-19….

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-17). Mayo researchers develop algorithm to predict rheumatoid arthritis disease activity. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Individualized Medicine and Division of Rheumatology have developed a first-of-its-kind machine learning algorithm that can predict rheumatoid arthritis disease activity in a patient. The algorithm analyzes biochemical metabolites ‚Äï the product of the body's metabolism ‚Äï in blood. Close up of rheumatism/arthritis medical examination. "Having fast, reliable and scalable measures for predicting the clinical course of disease activity is an important unmet need for patients with rheumatoid arthritis," says Jaeyun Sung, Ph.D., a computational biologist within the Center…

Dr. Audrey Dionne (2021-08-17). Association of Myocarditis with Pfizer's BNT162b2 Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Case Series of Children. globalresearch.ca Question: …

Dr. Roxana Bruno (2021-08-17). 57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations. globalresearch.ca First published on May …

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-17). Inspired by barnacles, medical glue stops bleeding in seconds. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org ROCHESTER, Minn. ‚Äï Mayo Clinic researchers and colleagues at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a rapid-sealing paste that can stop bleeding organs independent of clotting. The details are published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. The inspiration for this paste? Barnacles. Barnacles are those sea animals that adhere to rocks, the bottom of ships and large fish with the aim of staying in place despite wet conditions and variable surfaces. They're successful because they exude…

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-17). Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: It's like a Code Red hospital alert. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org An overwhelming surge of COVID-19 cases is underway in the U.S. The delta variant continues to spread, the lambda variant is showing up, and some people are refusing to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or wear face masks. "My message today is a hospital term and that's Code Red," says Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious diseases expert and head of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group. "It is Code Red in the U.S. and for the globe regarding…

Prof. Marjorie Cohn (2021-08-17). Threat of Extradition for Assange Grows Following British High Court Ruling. globalresearch.ca

Flanagin A, Christiansen S, Frey T. (2021-08-17). Reporting of Race and Ethnicity in Medical and Scientific Journals—Reply. jamanetwork.com In Reply We thank Drs Duggan, Breathett, and Routen and colleagues for their comments and recommendations on our guidance for reporting race and ethnicity in medical and science journals. We received numerous comments from others and have further revised this guidance. Updates on the reporting of sex and gender, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, and persons with diseases, disorders, or disabilities will follow.

Flanagin A, Frey T, Christiansen SL, et al. (2021-08-17). Updated Guidance on the Reporting of Race and Ethnicity in Medical and Science Journals. jamanetwork.com The goal of this guidance is to provide recommendations and suggestions that encourage fairness, equity, consistency, and clarity in use and reporting of race and ethnicity in medical and science journals. As previously summarized, "terminology, usage, and word choice are critically important, especially when describing people and when discussing race and ethnicity. Inclusive language supports diversity and conveys respect. Language that imparts bias toward or against persons or groups based on characteristics or demographics must be avoided."

Barry Sheppard (2021-08-17). Red alert on global warming. greenleft.org.au The IPCC's latest report should be a wake-up call to governments everywhere, but it's going to take more than science to force action by the biggest global emitters, writes Barry Sheppard.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-08-17). Science Saturday: A "sandbox" for innovation: The Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org The Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory (ADL) is a visionary space designed to continue Mayo Clinic's long tradition of pioneering patient treatments and diagnostics. The ADL's mission is to foster innovation — including grassroots innovation — across different specialties, through partnerships in-house as well as with external companies. Located on the third floor of One Discovery Square in a 9,600-square-foot space, the lab was born out of an initiative between Mayo's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DLMP) and the…

Mickey Z. (2021-08-17). Real Science: Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ. dissidentvoice.org There seems to be a consensus that if someone swims against the tide, it means they have not done serious deliberation. In my case, this perception is diametrically opposed to the truth. Hence, I will present one last article on the topic of Covid-19 vaccines and do my best to answer some of the more …

Shah NS, Wang MC, Freaney PM, et al. (2021-08-17). Trends in Gestational Diabetes at First Live Birth by Race and Ethnicity in the US, 2011-2019. jamanetwork.com This cross-sectional analysis uses data from the National Center for Health Statistics to quantify annual rates of gestational diabetes in individuals at first live birth among Hispanic/Latina, non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic Black, and non-Hispanic White individuals in the US from 2011 to 2019.

WSWS (2021-08-17). Coronavirus health disaster in Los Angeles looms with reopening of country's second largest school district. wsws.org Like schools around the country, Los Angeles students have almost no options whatsoever for remote learning while the Delta variant tears through school populations leading to mass infections and deaths.

Keith Lamb (2021-08-16). Don't Let Them Fool You: Afghanistan Has Been a "Tremendous Success" globalresearch.ca

Tom Clifford (2021-08-16). Afghanistan: To be Integrated into China's "Belt and Road" globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-08-16). Was America Attacked by Afghanistan on September 11, 2001? globalresearch.ca The legal argument used by Washington and NATO to invade Afghanistan was that the September 11 attacks constituted an undeclared "armed attack" "from abroad" by an unnamed foreign power…

Andrew Korybko (2021-08-16). Ashraf Ghani Was Always the Greatest Obstacle to Peace in Afghanistan. globalresearch.ca

Fight Back (2021-08-16). Venezuela: Revolutionary Venezuelan women collectives at forefront. fightbacknews.org Paez, Venezuela – Groups of mainly women stand with pride in front of Manuelita Saenz Bolivarian School and Community Center. The new center and school provide classes on music, culture, politics, feminism, sports, etc. Children and adults from all over the neighborhood attend to open their minds and improve their education. | "We are a vanguard. We started workshops on politics, religion, feminism, cooking and much more," says Adelheidh Salcedo, teacher at the Manuelita Saenz Bolivarian School and Center. | In Venezuela, the communes – community organizations – have the power to choose what projects need to be f…

imperial.ac.uk (2021-08-16). Imperial enters new era in partnership with Twig Education. imperial.ac.uk Longstanding Imperial partner Twig Education has been acquired by Weld North Education, the USA's largest provider of digital curriculum solutions.

Sonali Kolhatkar (2021-08-16). How a Black Lives Matter Leader Started a 'Freedom School' Summer Program for Kids. counterpunch.org Middle- and upper-income parents know that summers are an opportunity to give one's children the sort of well-rounded education that can enhance future college applications. Summer camp rosters fill up months in advance, and price tags for enrichment programs can run upwards of $500 a week. This is especially true in high-priced Southern California, where

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