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2022-09-23: News Headlines

____ (2022-09-23). HK deepens marine knowledge with nation's support. ecns.cn The 5,000-metric-ton scientific research vessel Haiyang Dizhi 6 leaves Dongguan, Guangdong province, for a voyage to the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea.Cheng, a research assistant professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, or HKUST, was one of four Hong Kong scientists on the expedition, which was led by colleagues from the Chinese mainland.

____ (2022-09-23). Group sets eyes on nation's rare earth industry. ecns.cn The unveiling of China Rare Earth Group Resources Technology Co Ltd will effectively bolster the growth of China's rare earth metal industry, generating momentum for businesses from smelt processing to technology research in the years ahead.

Staff (2022-09-23). Venezuela Denounces Chile for Denying Visas to National Volleyball Team. orinocotribune.com In a statement issued on Wednesday, September 21, the Venezuelan Ministry for Youth and Sports condemned Chile's decision to deny travel visas to a delegation of athletes of the men's national volleyball team. The decision prevented the Venezuelan team from participating in the qualifying round for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. | "We publicly condemn that they have not granted the Chilean visas to our National Men's Volleyball Team that would have participated in the South American [Volleyball Tournament]; we demand respect for our athletes and for the Olympic Charter," said the Minister of Youth and Spor…

Canadians for Justice, Peace in the Middle East (2022-09-23). With Mounting Evidence of Israeli Responsibility, Canada Must Support an ICC Investigation Into the Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Ariyana Love (2022-09-23). Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself. globalresearch.ca

Ramon du Houx (2022-09-23). Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance urged to deliver on real climate leadership during Climate Week. indybay.org During Climate Week NYC, after a high level event organized by the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance on the margins of the UN General Assembly in New York, civil society organizations launch a position paper urging the coalition and its members to deliver on commitments to promote a global phase out of oil and gas production, and turn aspirations into bold and ambitious climate action in line with equity, justice, and science. While CA had major laws passed this session, worldwide BOGA should do more to make the change we need to save the planet.

WSWS (2022-09-23). US political establishment seizes on declining test scores to bar remote learning and accelerate attack on public education. wsws.org The political establishment and corporate media have falsely blamed remote learning as the reason for a decline in reading and mathematics scores among age nine students since 2020.

____ (2022-09-23). 'Doctors' restore ancient books in Gansu. ecns.cn Students use modern techniques to restore ancient books about ancient Chinese civilisation.

Martin Armstrong (2022-09-23). Bayer Head Admits COVID-19 Vaccine Is Gene Therapy. globalresearch.ca

Staff (2022-09-23). Flutist Anabel Perdomo will honor Tosco in a concert at Bellas Artes. en.cubadebate.cu Next Saturday, September 24, a concert will take place in the Theater Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts, starring the flutist Anabel Perdomo, in homage to José Luis Cortés (El Tosco), who died on April 18. The artist will interpret works belonging to the repertoire of the outstanding musician, who was her teacher at the Camerata de Flutes. The ears of the audience will be filled with songs such as "Alejandría", "Ave María" and "Un Bolero", the latter with the special accompaniment of flutist Lázaro Cortés, son of the honoree.

Labor Video Project (2022-09-23). LA Protest Shuts Down FCMAT Meeting:Protesters Say Stop Closures, Charters/Privatization. indybay.org Community activists, kids and public education supporters protested at the LA meeting of FCMAT. They spoke out and shut it down when the FCMAT refused to provide answers.

Andrew Korybko (2022-09-22). Could Forthcoming Donbass Referenda be Russia's "Defense-Oriented" Response to Kharkov? globalresearch.ca

Jeff Thomas (2022-09-22). What Would a Nuclear War Look Like? globalresearch.ca

Anonymous103 (2022-09-22). West Might Try To Damage Russian-Chinese Relations Using Aigun Treaty Issue. southfront.org Ilustrative ImageAlthough Tokyo changed its stance on Russia partly over the Kuril islands dispute, this does not mean China would behave similarly. | Written by Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts | Some analysts have been claiming that Beijing is "breaking" with Moscow over the issue of Ukraine. In June this year the Chinese government conducted military drills in its northeastern border with Russia, while Moscow was mostly preoccupied with its own military operations in Ukraine. This event led…

____ (2022-09-22). Giant panda research base in Chengdu reopens. ecns.cn Giant pandas play at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in southwest China's Sichuan Province, Sept. 21, 2022. The research base reopened to the public after a half-month closure and completion of deep cleaning and disinfection.

_____ (2022-09-22). Statement Condemns 'Assessment Of Human Rights Concerns' In China. popularresistance.org We strongly condemn the publication by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of its Assessment of human rights concerns in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China. In the words of former OHCHR lawyer and human rights expert Alfred de Zayas, this document "should be discarded as propagandistic, biased and methodologically flawed." | Based on substandard research methods and biased sources, the Assessment is completely lacking in credibility. It treats arms of the military-industrial complex, such as the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), along with professional a…

Larry Johnson (2022-09-22). Will the United States and NATO Wake Up to What Happened at the Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization? globalresearch.ca

Elze van Hamelen (2022-09-22). Citizen's Brain Is the Battlefield in 21st-century Warfare. globalresearch.ca

Michael Jansen (2022-09-22). Lebanon Not 'Normal' Since Second Civil War Ended. globalresearch.ca

John W. Whitehead (2022-09-22). Masters of Deceit: The U.S Government's Propaganda of Fear, Mind Control and Brain Warfare. globalresearch.ca

Pepe Escobar (2022-09-22). The Real US Agenda in Africa Is Hegemony. globalresearch.ca

Jim McMahan (2022-09-22). Seattle educator-student unity in school strike. workers.org As education workers at Seattle Public Schools picket on Sept. 7, the first day of their strike, teachers from neighboring Kent, Washington — who struck their school district Sept. 1 — assemble signs in solidarity. Seattle A five-day strike by the Seattle Education Association (SEA) produced gains for the district's . . . |

The Global Research Team (2022-09-22). Global Research Referral Campaign. globalresearch.ca For over 21 years of operation as an independent media organization, we've never felt the effects of censorship as detrimental as in the last three years. Apart from the ban on social media, our website has also been excluded in …

_____ (2022-09-22). Why Aren't Workers At Unions Eligible For Public Service Loan Forgiveness? popularresistance.org In 2007, the Bush-era Congress created the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, also known as 20 USC 1087e (m)(1). The premise of the program was simple: student loan borrowers who made their payments would have any remaining educational debts forgiven after 10 years of public service. | Through PSLF, lawmakers and advocates intended to make public service a viable option for more borrowers, including graduates carrying large student loan balances. Unfortunately, this intention has not been realized for most borrowers or PSLF participants. Rife with exclusions and plagued by a history of poor communica…

Steven Sahiounie (2022-09-22). Greek Coast Guard Drowns Entire Syrian Family. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2022-09-22). Offence by Anothernewsauthor">: Suppressing Anti-Royal Protest in Britain. globalresearch.ca

Ryan Cristián (2022-09-22). Reckless Bivalent Push & How The US Gov's Unaccountable Psychological Operations Define Your Reality. thelastamericanvagabond.com Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (9/22/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth

Aymen Henna (2022-09-22). Twilight of the Tigris: Iraq's Mighty River Drying Up. globalresearch.ca

WSWS (2022-09-22). Greek riot police attack students and education workers protesting universities clampdown. wsws.org Students and education workers were protesting the introduction of a new campus police force—the University Institutions Protection Teams (OPPI). The OPPI were set up by the conservative New Democracy (ND) government to patrol university campuses.

WSWS (2022-09-22). Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa. wsws.org Teachers' strikes continue across Europe over pay and conditions; national strike by UK criminal barristers over legal aid and pay; strikes and protests across Iran after death of young woman arrested for not wearing hijab; Nigerian university lecturers' stoppage continues in face of government attacks and union sabotage; strikes across Sudan by doctors and civil servants continue over lack of pay…

WSWS (2022-09-22). Scottish school teacher suspended for encouraging discussion on the monarchy. wsws.org A North Lanarkshire school teacher has been suspended for encouraging his class to take a critical approach to media coverage surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The teacher asked his class of 14-year-olds to consider "is this maybe a time to think about moving away from a royal family?"

WSWS (2022-09-22). Lessons of the 2022 Seattle teachers strike. wsws.org While the tentative agreementhas been ratified, the fight by Seattle teachers is far from over. The full consequences of the deal that was forced on them by their union have yet to be felt, and educators will respond.

WSWS (2022-09-22). Why I joined the Ontario Education Workers Rank-and-File Committee: Dispatches from a public school teacher. wsws.org "Knowing that there were already rank-and-file committees established across communities in Canada, the US and Europe, I felt that there was a place for workers like me who have felt abandoned and disheartened by their unions."

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-09-22). Two Imperial academics win ERC Grants to accelerate research concepts. imperial.ac.uk Two Imperial academics have won European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept Grants to accelerate their research ideas and concepts.

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-09-22). Professor Maggie Dallman gives evidence to House of Lords Committee. imperial.ac.uk Earlier this month, Professor Dallman appeared in front of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee to discuss the UK STEM skills pipeline.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-09-22). Según Joe Biden: "La pandemia ha terminado", 57.676 casos nuevos en EE. UU. en las últimas 24 horas. globalizacion.ca Desestabilizar la estructura social, política y económica de 190 países soberanos se presentó como la "solución" para combatir el virus mortal. La ciencia falsa apoyó esta devastadora agenda. | Y ahora hemos llegado a un nuevo clímax: | El presidente Biden ha…

Prof. James Petras (2022-09-21). How Billionaires Become Billionaires. globalresearch.ca America has the greatest inequalities, highest mortality rate, most regressive taxes, and largest public subsidies for bankers and billionaires of any developed capitalist country. One of the most likely sources of billionaire wealth is through tax evasion in all of its guises and forms.

Fight Back (2022-09-21). UW-Milwaukee SDS rallies to make Milwaukee an abortion sanctuary. fightbacknews.org Milwaukee, WI — Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at UW-Milwaukee rallied on September 15 to make Milwaukee an abortion sanctuary. The demonstration was in response to the national SDS day of action call. Approximately 40 students and community members met in UWM's Spaights Plaza at 4 p.m. | The overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 22 had devastating effects all over the U.S. In the state of Wisconsin, statute 940.04 makes assisting in and getting an abortion a felony with the exception of "critical life saving" situations. Articles about a Wisconsin woman who was denied care after an incomplete abortio…

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-09-21). Backed By Bloomberg, Former National Security Agency (NSA) Official To Lead Data Research Center On Black Wealth. moguldom.com National Security Agency (NSA) veteran Natalie Evans Harris has been tapped to lead Bloomberg Philanthropies' new Black Wealth Data Center (BWDC). The center's launch was announced on Thursday, Sept. 15, from its official Twitter account. "We are the Black Wealth Data Center, a go-to resource for wealth equity data that public and private sector leaders can …

TeleSUR (2022-09-21). Guatemalan Farmers Demand Resignation of President Giammattei. telesurenglish.net On Wednesday, thousands of Guatemalan farmers and students took to the streets of the capital city to protest corruption and demand the resignation of President Alejandro Giammattei and Attorney General Consuelo Porras. | RELATED: | They arrived from the interior of the country despite the difficulties caused in the mobilization by the torrential rain that hit a large part of the Guatemalan territory during the…

Contributing Writers (2022-09-21). According to Joe Biden: "The Pandemic is Over", 57,676 New Cases in the U.S in the Last 24 Hours "Decision to launch a pandemic" vs. "Pandemic is over"/ By Prof Michel Chossudovsky. marktaliano.net

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