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2022-09-13: News Headlines

____ (2022-09-13). Chinese scientists find high water content in lunar soil samples brought back by Chang'e-5 mission. ecns.cn Chinese scientists' research showed the lunar soil samples brought back by the Chang'e-5 mission contain high content of water originated from wind.

____ (2022-09-13). Chinese researchers discover world's earliest synthesized lead white cosmetics. ecns.cn Chinese researchers have discovered the earliest known residues of synthesized lead white cosmetics in the world in a new archaeological study in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

____ (2022-09-13). High water content found in lunar soil samples retrieved in Chang'e-5 mission. ecns.cn Chinese scientists' research showed the lunar soil samples contain high content of water due to the contribution of wind protons.

WSWS (2022-09-13). Michigan Democrats end K-12 school COVID safety measures, following Biden's CDC. wsws.org Michigan teachers describe the reopening of schools and the complete absence of COVID protections, as the virus quickly spreads and students get sick. Teachers urge the building of the Michigan Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee.

Staff (2022-09-13). Iran, Syria to expand educational, scientific cooperation. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Sep. 13 (MNA) — Syrian Minister of Higher Education Bassam Ibrahim and Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Mahdi Sobhani discussed joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of education and scientific research.

WSWS (2022-09-13). Amid corruption charges and cabinet resignations, President Pedro Castillo's government on the brink in Peru. wsws.org Castillo survived his first year as president because his left-populist guise as a rural teacher and union leader was of use to the ruling class in containing an emerging movement of the working class.

Kyle Anzalone (2022-09-12). Zelensky Will Request More Weapons Directly at Conference with Top US Arms Makers. globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-09-12). China launches youth activity to grow plants with astronauts. ecns.cn A Chinese popular-science activity themed "Growing Plants Together with Astronauts" was launched here on Friday.

____ (2022-09-12). China sees more full-time teachers in past decade. ecns.cn The number of full-time teachers in China increased by around 3.8 million over the past decade, statistics from the Ministry of Education showed.

____ (2022-09-12). Mid-Autumn Festival: Scientists release lunar rover Yutu-2 work report. ecns.cn Ground scientific research personnel extended best wishes to China's lunar rover Yutu-2, named after the Chinese mythological figure Jade Rabbit, a symbol of the moon-worshiping Mid-Autumn Festival that fell on Saturday this year.

____ (2022-09-12). Students' enrollment rate on par with developed world. ecns.cn The gross enrollment rates of all levels of education in China have reached or exceeded those of middle- to high-income countries, Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng said on Friday.

WSWS (2022-09-12). Florida Democrat Charlie Crist taps Miami/Dade teachers' union head as running mate in gubernatorial election. wsws.org In naming Hernandez-Mats, Crist is boosting a union bureaucrat who carried out the demands of Biden, the NEA and the AFT that schools be reopened at the height of the Delta and Omicron surges of COVID-19.

John McEvoy (2022-09-12). Recommendation X: Shell's Secret Plan for a Cold War Propaganda Unit. globalresearch.ca

_____ (2022-09-12). Ten Years Ago, Chicago Teachers Gave Us All A Jolt Of Hope. popularresistance.org If you feel like your union needs a jump-start—whether you're a longtime shop steward or just started your first union job—this book is for you. | The impulse you have ("This union could be stronger and better, and I want to help change it") makes you part of a long tradition—what we at Labor Notes affectionately call the trouble-making wing of the labor movement. | One basic principle unites us troublemakers. We believe democracy, meaning broad member participation at every level of the union, is the heart of union power. | The Chicago Teachers Union's 2012 strike didn't just put the union on t…

Tania Siddiqi (2022-09-12). Pakistan: Climate catastrophe caused by Global North. workers.org Following months of intense humidity and a catastrophic heat wave — temperatures reaching upwards of 124 F — Pakistan is once again bearing the brunt of the Global North-induced climate crisis. Members of Women's Democratic Front and Progressive Students Federation set up a solidarity, donation relief camp. Credit: Awami Workers . . . |

Prof. Joseph H. Chung (2022-09-12). The Legacy of Shinzo Abe: Road to Self-Destructive Harakiri. Holy War 2.0. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-09-12). 9/11, Osamagate and The "Blowback". America's "Just War" against Afghanistan. globalresearch.ca Author's Note | The article below entitled "Osamagate" was first published on October 9, 2001, two days after the onslaught of the bombing campaign directed against Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. | Within hours of the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden was …

Dr. Binoy Kampmark (2022-09-12). Cool Subjects: The Other Side of Elizabeth II's Reign. globalresearch.ca

Ann Brown (2022-09-12). Who Murdered Legendary Five Percenter First Born Prince Allah? 13 Things To Know About His Life And Science. moguldom.com First Born Prince Allah was a prominent member of the Five Percent Nation. His work with the organization and the community was legendary. Then on October 15, 2001, he was murdered. The Five Percenters, also known as the Five Percent Nation, is a movement that believes 10 percent of the world knows the truth, and …

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-09-12). The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush Meets Osama's Brother Shafiq bin Laden. globalresearch.ca One day before the 9/11 attacks, the dad of the sitting President of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush was meeting none other than Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of alleged terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

Move to Amend (2022-09-12). The September 11 Lesson on Creating Change. globalresearch.ca

Kurt Nimmo (2022-09-12). FBI Raids: Democrats Consolidate One-Party System. globalresearch.ca

Editor (2022-09-12). The Big Myth About Inequality: It Just Happened! scheerpost.com By Dean Baker / Beat the Press/CEPR The standard line in policy circles about the soaring inequality of the last four decades is that it is just an unfortunate outcome of technological change. As a result of technological developments, education is much more highly valued and physical labor has much less value. The drop in …

Farshad Daryosh (2022-09-12). Kabul Confronts Washington: Presence of US Drones in Afghan Airspace. globalresearch.ca

_____ (2022-09-12). Housing Activists Crash Developers' Party. popularresistance.org Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Residents of the University City Townhomes and their supporters, determined to save their homes from destruction by property developers, have taken their fight directly to the movers and shakers behind most gentrification in Philadelphia. | Over 100 residents and supporters converged on the University of Pennsylvania convocation for the incoming class of 2026, Aug. 29, shouting down President Liz Magill with chants of "Housing is a human right" and "Stop Penntrification." Protesters then used the occasion to educate students about UPenn's racist history in the destruction of a major B…

Prof Denis Rancourt (2022-09-12). Video: Debunking Climate Hysteria. Dr. Denis Rancourt. globalresearch.ca

Jeanette Bent (2022-09-12). Saturday 9/17: Science Saturdays at the Children's Museum. indybay.org Inside the Capitola Mall at the Santa Cruz Children's Museum of Discovery (1855 41st Avenue, Capitola, CA 95010).

Ashik Siddique (2022-09-12). Canceling All Student Debt Would Cost About as Much as The Pentagon's F-35 Boondoggle. commondreams.org When it comes to military spending in the United States, money is no object—even for programs like the F-35, which has been criticized for many years as an expensive failure that should be phased out altogether.

Poppy Bilderbeck (2022-09-12). Former Colonies of the British Empire Want Diamonds Worth $800 Million Back From the Crown Jewels. globalresearch.ca

Michelle Begue (2022-09-12). Seeds for the future in Colombia. america.cgtn.com In the Cauca Valle, in central west Colombia, a research facility was designed to guard one of mankind's most important treasures; seeds. Michelle Begue reports.

WSWS (2022-09-12). Dilapidated dormitory complex in Munich highlights drastic situation facing students. wsws.org The number of students facing the financial abyss continues to grow. A report by the charity Parità§tischer Wohlfahrtsverband makes clear that students have been fobbed off with meagre handouts by politicians for years.

WSWS (2022-09-12). Seattle educators speak out on the consequences of understaffing, inadequate support and low pay. wsws.org Several teachers at Seattle Public Schools spoke with the World Socialist Web Site about the key issues they are fighting to address in their ongoing strike, which began on September 7.

Staff (2022-09-12). Más del 90 por ciento de la deforestación en bosques tropicales es causada por la agricultura, según estudio. cubadebate.cu Entre el 90 y el 99% de la deforestación en las selvas tropicales del mundo, vitales en el secuestro de carbono y la contención del cambio climático, es causada directa o indirectamente por la agricultura, según un estudio cuyos resultados han sido publicados en la revista Science. Más de la mitad está relacionada con pastos, soja y aceite de palma.

Caio de Freitas Paes (2022-09-12). JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and BlackRock, et al: Funding Behind Brazil's Agribusiness Lobby Exposed. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-09-12). Chile, 11 de septiembre de 1973: Los ingredientes de un golpe militar. globalizacion.ca Hace casi medio siglo, el 11 de septiembre de 1973, el ejército chileno dirigido por el general Augusto Pinochet, aplastó al gobierno de Unidad Popular elegido democráticamente de Salvador Allende. | El objetivo era reemplazar un gobierno progresista elegido democráticamente por…

WSWS (2022-09-12). Former Los Angeles teacher speaks out as unions and district impose horrifying conditions at school sites. wsws.org "I'm suffering from all the things the union never fought for. All they do is collect dues and travel to conferences. That's not what the unions are supposed to do. We need real organizations, real leaders."

____ (2022-09-11). Students make spicy gluten mooncake in central China's Hunan. ecns.cn Students made 1,000 mooncakes filled with spicy gluten in central China's Hunan Province on Thursday. They shared those mooncakes to students and teachers at lunchtime to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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