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2021-10-06: News Headlines

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2021-10-06). "The Harmful Behaviour od Facebook": Social Media Destabilizes Democracy and Harm Users' Mental Health. globalresearch.ca

RT News (2021-10-06). Scraped Data of 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Offered for Sale on the Dark Web — Reports. globalresearch.ca

WSWS (2021-10-06). "Washington for a Safe Return to Campus" Facebook group censors WSWS writers. wsws.org As the Delta variant continues to rip through Washington state while schools are open, the Facebook administrators for "Washington for a Safe Return to Campus" seek to censor any left-wing opposition to the Democratic Party and the teachers unions.

Jim Green (2021-10-06). Organised Crime Goes Nuclear. globalresearch.ca

Kary B. Mullis (2021-10-06). Video: Dr. Kary B. Mullis. "No Infection or Illness Can be Accurately Diagnosed with the PCR Test" globalresearch.ca

Pepe Escobar (2021-10-06). The Iran-Azerbaijan Standoff Is a Contest for the Region's Transportation Corridors. globalresearch.ca

Paul Antonopoulos (2021-10-06). Iran and Azerbaijan on the Brink of War but It Is Unlikely to Boil Over. globalresearch.ca

Eric Toussaint (2021-10-06). History of Capitalism: The Destruction and Grabbing of Collective Commons. globalresearch.ca

Zero Hedge (2021-10-06). Fed Prepares to Launch "Review" of Central Bank Digital Currency that Could Render Cash, Privacy Obsolete. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Rochagné Kilian (2021-10-06). Video: "How Many People Are We Going to Kill if We Keep Following this Narrative", Asks Ontario Emergency Physician. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Gary G. Kohls (2021-10-06). Lessons for Ethically-compromised Physicians in 2021 from the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg (1946 — 1947). globalresearch.ca

Kester Kenn Klomegah (2021-10-06). Russia-Nigeria Relations. Cooperation in Oil Exploration and Military Affairs. globalresearch.ca

M. K. Bhadrakumar (2021-10-06). "Humanitarian Aid" for Afghanistan: UK Fires the First Shot in the New Great Game. globalresearch.ca

Prof. Scott Masson (2021-10-06). Why Is the UN Dictating Canada's Provincial Health Policies? globalresearch.ca

Pierre Boralevi (2021-10-06). Italian Court Sides with Nurse Wrongly Suspended for Refusing COVID-19 Jab. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Joseph Mercola (2021-10-06). People Injured by COVID-19 Jab Share Their Horror Stories. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2021-10-06). Selected Articles: Spanish Government Says that the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Has Not Been Isolated. globalresearch.ca By The mRNA vaccine is "experimental' and unapproved. Since December 2020, it has resulted in a worldwide upward trend in deaths and .

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-10-06). The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d'État and the "Great Reset" globalresearch.ca We are at the crossroads of one of the most serious crises in modern history. We are living history, yet our understanding of the flow of events since January 2020 has been blurred. Worldwide, people have been misled both by their governments and the media.

Sarah Anderson (2021-10-06). Want a Working Democracy? Try Democratizing Work. inequality.org

South Front (2021-10-06). Video: Turkey- Azerbaijan United Front against Iran. globalresearch.ca

Megan Redshaw (2021-10-06). COVID Outbreak Sparked by Fully Vaccinated Patient Challenges Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity Theory. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-10-06). Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Breaking down COVID-19 vaccine booster approvals. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org The path to approvals for a booster dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has seemed complicated. "This is a confusing set of recommendations," says Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious diseases expert and head of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group. "So let's look at the four groups approved for only the Pfizer booster, thus far. If you got a primary series of the Pfizer vaccine, you're 65 and older, and it's been six months or more, you…

imperial.ac.uk (2021-10-06). Brain cell differences could be key to learning in humans and AI. imperial.ac.uk Imperial researchers have found that variability between brain cells might speed up learning and improve the performance of the brain and future AI.

Mickey Z. (2021-10-06). FDA: Covid Vaccine = "U.S. weapon system" dissidentvoice.org Among the many justifications I hear from those who volunteered as subjects for experimental gene therapy, two are the most hilarious: "I did my research and feel comfortable with my decision" "I have a healthy distrust of authority and I'm vaccinated" To the first alibi, my response is simple: When a drug is developed at …

Great Game India (2021-10-06). New Vaccines for Next Generation COVID Virus Needed by 2022 Says BioNTech CEO. globalresearch.ca

Peter Koenig (2021-10-06). The Covid "Killing Spree" — And the "Robotization" of the Survivors. We Need A Nuremberg 2.0. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-10-06). Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Treating and preventing liver cancer. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org While still relatively rare, the rate of primary liver cancer has been increasing in recent decades, disproportionately affecting minority populations. "Research has shown that Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to be diagnosed with liver cancer at an earlier stage, compared to whites," says Dr. Sumera Ilyas, a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist. "And that, in turn, means the odds of being eligible for potentially curative treatments are lower for these patients." These disparities are due to…

Peter Koenig (2021-10-06). The Coronavirus Vaccine: The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020". Vaccination as a Platform for "Digital Identity" globalresearch.ca What is the infamous ID2020? It's an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity. The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.

Brian Shilhavy (2021-10-06). Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a "Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine" Which Became the "COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine" Because People Were Not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus. globalresearch.ca

John W. Whitehead (2021-10-06). The Police State's Reign of Terror Continues … With Help from the Supreme Court. globalresearch.ca

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2021-10-06). Science Saturday: A robotic GPS for targeting, delivering regenerative biotherapies. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org A remote-controlled bronchoscope that acts like a GPS system hunts down hard-to-find lung masses and accurately biopsies them, according to a Mayo Clinic collaborative study. This multisite research, which is published in Annals of Thoracic Surgery, lays the foundation for precisely finding early-stage cancer and targeting it with regenerative biotherapeutics needed to stimulate healing. Artificial intelligence gleaned from CT scans directs the robotic fiber optic cable, providing a GPS-like pathway to tiny nodules, or masses, that manual bronchoscopes…

Fight Back (2021-10-06). FRSO, Milwaukee Alliance, SDS, and others rally to defend reproductive rights. m.fightbacknews.org Milwaukee, WI – On the afternoon of October 2, Freedom Road Socialist Organization – Wisconsin held a demonstration to protest Texas' abortion ban. This was held in collaboration with the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression and Students for a Democratic Society, and with coordination from a couple of individual organizers. The demonstration consisted of a march through downtown from Planned Parenthood to the Milwaukee office of Senator Ron Johnson, a noted reactionary and proponent of the same ideas encompassed by the Texas law. Once outside Senator Johnson's office, organizers transitioned…

WSWS (2021-10-06). Columbia University graduate workers vote to authorize strike action second year in a row. wsws.org Last week, more than 3,000 student workers at Columbia University in New York City voted to authorize strike action against the university, continuing a years-long struggle for their first labor contract.

Editor (2021-10-06). Teaching politically and the problem of Afropessimism. mronline.org As teachers, we're tasked with educating our students, students who are increasingly, like their teachers, becoming politically conscious and called to act. Yet the dominant political theories and forms of action are inadequate for real revolutionary transformation.

WSWS (2021-10-06). Canadian educators discuss significance of October 1 school strike against COVID-19. wsws.org Sunday's meeting heard contributions from educators and parents who were enthused by the global protest, and others drawn to the CERSC after teacher unions sabotaged their efforts to oppose the ruling-class policy of letting the virus run rampant through schools.

Stop the Money Pipeline Coalition & RISE (2021-10-06). Wednesday 10/6: Defund Formosa Plastics! Stop Environmental Racism & End Cancer Alley. indybay.org Online teach-in & call to action protest…

Anonymous103 (2021-10-05). Monday's Blackout Reveals Real Power Of Big Tech Companies. southfront.org Illustrative imageBlackout may be related to scandals from Facebook Files and Pandora Papers. | Written by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. | This Monday, October 4th, the world suffered a very unusual episode: a major blackout of social networks. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagaram and several other networks went offline worldwide for more than seven hours. Far from affecting only people addicted to social networks, the blackout had a strong impact on the economy, influencing several companies that depend on the use of these networks to operate their mark…

Brian Berletic (2021-10-05). Are US War Plans with China Taking Shape? asia-pacificresearch.com

ecns.cn (2021-10-05). UN calls for open access to scientific information on COVID-19. ecns.cn A United Nations official on Monday stressed the need for open access to scientific information, basic science research and innovation on COVID-19 to help reduce the spread of the disease in Africa.

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2021-10-05). The Monday October 4th Facebook Blackout Reveals Real Power of Big Tech Companies. globalresearch.ca

Staff (2021-10-05). "Appalling and Unacceptable": Leak Shows Facebook Knew Its Algorithms Spread Hate & Harmed Children. democracynow.org An unprecedented leak at Facebook reveals top executives at the company knew about major issues with the platform from their own research but kept the damning information hidden from the public. The leak shows Facebook deliberately ignored rampant disinformation, hate speech and political unrest in order to boost ad sales and is also implicated in child safety and human trafficking violations. Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen leaked thousands of documents and revealed her identity as the whistleblower during an interview with "60 Minutes." She is set to testify today before the Senate Commerce Subco…

Staff (2021-10-05). Leak Shows Facebook Knew Its Algorithms Harmed Children and Spread Hate. truthout.org An unprecedented leak at Facebook reveals top executives at the company knew about major issues with the platform from their own research but kept the damning information hidden from the public. The leak shows Facebook deliberately ignored rampant disinformation, hate speech and political unrest in order to boost ad sales and is also implicated in child safety and human trafficking violations. Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen leaked thousands of documents and revealed her identity as th…

teleSUR (2021-10-05). 200 Venezuelans Return To Their Country From Chile. telesurenglish.net In the early hours of Tuesday, 200 Venezuelans returned to their country on a chartered flight from the public company Conviasa. The repatriation of this group occurs days after Venezuelan migrants were victims of acts of xenophobia in Iquique City, Chile. | RELATED: | "Today 200 compatriots return to Venezuelan territory thanks to the "Return to the Homeland" program. Venezuela welcomes you with open arms. Missi…

Voelker R. (2021-10-05). Mandated Education for Opioid Prescribers Is Up for Discussion. jamanetwork.com As drug overdose deaths increased by 30% during 2020, the FDA will reconsider whether health care professionals who prescribe opioids should complete mandated education through the Opioid Analgesic Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) drug safety program.

Rima Najjar (2021-10-05). Academic Freedom, Palestinian Rights and the "Zoomification" of University Education. globalresearch.ca

WSWS (2021-10-05). Australia: Committee for Public Education releases video opposing reckless reopening of schools. wsws.org The pro-business agenda of "living with the virus" adopted by the Victorian Labor and NSW Liberal-National state governments is putting the lives of students, educators, parents and the community as a whole at serious risk.

WSWS (2021-10-05). Sri Lankan plantation workers oppose Rajapakse government's emergency laws. wsws.org The SEP's campaign against the state of emergency is receiving significant support from workers in various sectors, including from the education, health services and plantation action committees established under the party's guidance.

Paul Joseph Watson (2021-10-05). Pope's Swiss Guards Resign over Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination. globalresearch.ca

Pepe Escobar (2021-10-05). Forever Wars, Recaptured in Real Time. globalresearch.ca

Steven Sahiounie (2021-10-05). Turkey, Israel, and Azerbaijan Create Tensions for Iran. globalresearch.ca

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