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2021-10-29: News Headlines

Joe Lauria (2021-10-29). Day Two — 'CIA Tried to Kill Assange;' US: 'He's Only Moderately Depressed & Won't Go to Isolation'. globalresearch.ca

Chris Hedges (2021-10-29). Julian Assange: The Most Important Battle for Press Freedom in Our Time. globalresearch.ca

Tony Norfield (2021-10-29). Winston Churchill & British Imperialism. globalresearch.ca

Editor (2021-10-29). Neoliberalism and the crisis of higher education. mronline.org Neoliberalism is the dominant ideology of this historical moment. It includes a belief in the following: the efficiency of the free market and the deregulation and privatization of the public sector that markets require; tax reduction; abandoning the welfare state; and replacing the notion of the public good with a personal responsibility for one's own welfare.

WSWS (2021-10-29). COVID rips through UK schools as councils and headteachers reintroduce mitigations against government policy. wsws.org Hundreds of thousands of children have been infected with the Department of Education reporting that around 252 million school days have been missed nationally, in the spring and autumn terms because of COVID-19. This represents 29.4 percent of all school days.

_____ (2021-10-29). Should Parents Get a Say in Education? strategic-culture.org Who decides what is taught in the public schools that are paid for with the tax dollars of the parents who send their children there? | By Patrick J. BUCHANAN | Virginia is a newly blue state, with a Democratic governor and two Democratic senators, that Joe Biden won by 10 points. Hence, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe was an early and solid favorite to regain the office he vacated in 2017. But if McAuliffe loses Tuesday, the defeat will be measured on the Richter scale. | For if he does lose, it will be because of an elitist belief McAuliffe blurted out during a debate with Republican rival Glenn Youngkin: "I'm n…

Jon Rappoport (2021-10-29). Behind Closed Doors: Medical Research Labs. globalresearch.ca

John O'Looney (2021-10-29). A Letter to UK's Chief Coroners Office on Disturbing COVID and COVID Vaccination Deaths. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Peter McCullough (2021-10-29). Video: Watch Dr. Peter McCullough Talk About COVID Treatment and Vaccination. globalresearch.ca

Andrew Korybko (2021-10-29). The Latest Data Proves that Chinese-US Trade Is Mutually Beneficial. globalresearch.ca

Chris Jones (2021-10-29). Zervou Refugee Camp: Silence Is Not an Option for Greece's Samos Island. globalresearch.ca

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2021-10-29). Unsubstantiated Rumors About Test of Hypersonic Missile Leads to Escalation of Tensions Between US and China. globalresearch.ca

Andrew Simms (2021-10-29). Polluting the Process: Fossil Fuel Investors and Industries Sponsoring Glasgow's COP26. globalresearch.ca

Bangkok Post (2021-10-29). Student Loses Leg after Second Cross-jab, then Dies. globalresearch.ca

Aseel Jundi (2021-10-29). Jerusalem Palestinians Fight to Preserve Cemetery Slated for Demolition. globalresearch.ca

IMEMC (2021-10-29). Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. globalresearch.ca

Children's Health Defense (2021-10-29). Worldwide Walkouts! Protests against Illegal Covid Mandates. globalresearch.ca

Joel S. Hirschhorn (2021-10-29). Nearly Two Million Americans Dead from COVID Vaccines, Infections, and Collateral Impacts: Dr. Joel Hirschhorn. globalresearch.ca

Andrew Korybko (2021-10-29). Why Are Ethiopia's Wheat Imports Being Politicized? globalresearch.ca

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2021-10-29). The Psychological Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic Measures: Lockdowns, Warnings, "Social Distancing", "New Variants". Drastic Increase in Depression and Anxiety. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Peter McCullough (2021-10-29). Video: Dr. Peter McCullough Answered Questions on COVID Vaccines. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2021-10-29). Selected Articles: Scientist Whose Wife Was Injured by COVID Vaccine Tells FDA: 'Please Do Not Give this to Kids'. globalresearch.ca By The late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was South Africa's anti-apartheid revolutionary, who served as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, …

WSWS (2021-10-29). Scientist Peter Daszak refutes false media allegations about Wuhan research. wsws.org In a letter to the National Institutes of Health made public Thursday, zoologist Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance refuted claims that his organization failed to keep the US government appraised of coronavirus research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Global Research News (2021-10-29). This Month's Most Popular Articles. globalresearch.ca Dr. Mike Yeadon, October 23 , 2021 | Kit Knightly, October 25 , 2021…

Children's Health Defense (2021-10-29). 'Hundreds of Thousands' of COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Backlogged in VAERS, Analyst Says. globalresearch.ca

Steve Gillis (2021-10-29). ACT UP Boston demands 'Housing & health care, not jails!'. workers.org Boston ACT UP Boston with the SIF MA NOW! Coalition at the Boston Science March, April 22, 2017. A SIF is a medically supervised injecting facility, a harm-reduction strategy for drug users. WW PHOTO: Steve Gillis. On Oct. 19, Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker, Democrat Attorney General Maura Healy and . . . |

TASS (2021-10-29). Impossible to predict when COVID-19 will become seasonal disease — expert. tass.com Alexander Gorelov also noted that there was no antiviral treatment in the world that could regulate the infection process…

Maia McCall (2021-10-29). Occupy Blackburn: Howard University students demand dignity. liberationnews.org On October 12, in Washington, D.C., dozens of Howard University students began occupying the Blackburn Student Center to protest housing insecurity and a range of associated concerns.

WSWS (2021-10-29). Australia: University of Newcastle Student Association promotes management, defends anti-democratic guidelines. wsws.org The new clubs and societies guidelines serve the purpose of suppressing left-wing student opposition to militarism, inequality and a sweeping pro-business restructure of the university.

WSWS (2021-10-29). Video: The social crisis facing young people and the fight against Australia's anti-democratic electoral laws. wsws.org IYSSE members say, "Students and youth the world over are bearing the brunt of a social crisis brought on by the pro-business official response to the pandemic."

imperial.ac.uk (2021-10-28). Imperial and Germany's TUM driving exciting collaborative research and education. imperial.ac.uk Imperial and the Technical University of Munich are deepening ties across a range of research fields as well as the innovative delivery of education.

Andy Kroll (2021-10-28). Anti-Imperialism You Can Try at Home. tomdispatch.com Robin Rue Simmons had been very curious about the truth of American life as a young person. But it was only after she finished high school, left her native Evanston, Illinois, and returned as an adult — ready to buy a house in the historically Black neighborhood in which she grew up — that she delved deep into her city's history and fully understood the policies that had kept Black residents poor while enriching their white neighbors. Of course, this isn't the kind of history that's taught in school, even if today's students do sometimes learn unsavory truths about the American empire. Local history i…

Yves Engler (2021-10-28). "Left problem" is not cozying up to bad guys but supporting imperialism. dissidentvoice.org Left media should explore a wide range of critical ideas. But it should try to avoid 'punching down' too often. Recently new left outlet The Breach published a long interview with Columbia University PhD student Barnaby Raine "on the resurgence of 'tankie' and 'campist' politics" titled "Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?" It …

S. M. Smyth (2021-10-28). The Poison Peddlers: Doping the World for Fun and Profit. globalresearch.ca

Matthew Ehret-Kump (2021-10-28). Debunking Anti-Chinese Psy Ops: Jesuits, Tavistock and the Battle for the Soul of China. globalresearch.ca

imperial.ac.uk (2021-10-28). Wearable sensors help researchers understand effects of air pollution on health. imperial.ac.uk Imperial's INHALE project is assessing the impact of air pollution on personal health and measures to address its harmful effects.

Anonymous103 (2021-10-28). New French Information Doctrine Militarizes Social Media. southfront.org Illustrative ImageNew Paris' guidelines on information warfare and control of fake news reveal an interest in the militarization of social media. | Written by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. | More and more, the virtual world becomes a real battleground, where rival world powers face each other and seek to secure their interests. Like land, sea, air and outer space, the cybernetic field is a new type of territory where military occupation is essential for the national defense of each state. However, some world powers, mainly Western ones, have used t…

Will Steffen (2021-10-28). Will Steffen: Net zero by 2030 is possible. greenleft.org.au Climate expert, Australian National University emeritus professor and Climate Council member Will Steffen speaks to Green Left about climate science and politics in the lead up to the COP26 United Nations climate summit in Glasgow.

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia (2021-10-28). The Autumn of President Bolsonaro. latinorebels.com One of the few certainties Brazilians have these days is that, whenever possible, far-right president Jair Bolsonaro will make stupefying, anti-science, and borderline criminal statements. On Thursday, October 21, the President claimed that those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 could develop AIDS.

WSWS (2021-10-28). COVID-19 infections force the closure of schools in Michigan. wsws.org K-12 schools were once again the largest single source of COVID-19 outbreaks in Michigan workplaces last week, with the state now monitoring 497 active outbreaks affecting at least 5,186 students and staff.

PAI (2021-10-28). Teachers in NEA to push Voting Rights Act despite Republican filibuster threat. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON (PAI)—The nation's largest union will keep pushing for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore the teeth the GOP Supreme Court majority pulled from voting rights, despite a GOP filibuster threat, its president says. In an e-mail urging the union's three million members to sign a petition to lawmakers, the National …

sputniknews (2021-10-28). Texas Senate Committee Investigates School Libraries' Books on Racism and Sexuality. sputniknews.com The news has caused anger and indignation among Democratic lawmakers as well as teachers, who accused the committee of attempting to whitewash US history and censor the voices of people of colour. The probe comes a month after the Lone Star State passed legislation that restricts how teachers can discuss racism in schools.

WSWS (2021-10-28). Thousands of teachers protest across Sri Lanka despite unions' betrayal. wsws.org As teachers once again show their determination to fight, the unions function as enforcers of the government's attacks.

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