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2021-10-30: News Headlines

Staff (2021-10-30). Beijing dismisses 'unscientific' report on Covid-19 origins by US intelligence community. rt.com The US is using "intelligence apparatus instead of scientists" to determine the origins of Covid-19, undermining genuine research, Beijing said in response to the declassification of an ODNI report. | On Friday, the Office of the US Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released its

sputniknews (2021-10-30). 'New Hidden World' Discovered in Earth's Inner Core, Study Finds. sputniknews.com In fact, research suggests that the Earth's insides have certain semi-soft characteristics where liquid metal is stored — with multiple layers of hard metal, liquid metal, and a certain amount of material that's halfway between the two.

WSWS (2021-10-30). Australian state government bars COVID-related school closures despite escalating infections. wsws.org The Committee for Public Education's daily tallies of school closures have been viewed online this month by tens of thousands of people.

Michael Welch (2021-10-30). Promoting a New Tyranny under the Guise of Saving the Planet. globalresearch.ca

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-10-30). The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d'État and the "Great Reset" globalresearch.ca We are at the crossroads of one of the most serious crises in modern history. We are living history, yet our understanding of the flow of events since January 2020 has been blurred. Worldwide, people have been misled both by their governments and the media.

Christine Massey (2021-10-30). Freedom of Information Requests: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide "Have No Record" of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification. globalresearch.ca First published by GR …

Sarah Hodges, Julia Hornberger, Ushehwedu Kufakurinani, Shalini Rudra, Christopher Sirrs, Nishpriha Thakur, Sharifah Sekalala (2021-10-30). [Correspondence] When suspicion replaces evidence in public health. thelancet.com The UK Government's decision not to recognise people as vaccinated if they received COVID-19 vaccines in most of Latin America, Africa, and south Asia received widespread condemnation.1 Many commentators have rightly called out this discriminatory policy, which unfairly targets people from low-income countries. However, as a group of scholars from the medical humanities and social sciences, we are particularly concerned that the way in which the government makes decisions about which countries are exempt from quarantine once fully vaccinated dispenses with evidence-based policy making.

WSWS (2021-10-30). Sri Lankan government abandons limited COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. wsws.org In order to justify its relaxation of COVID-19 health security measures, Colombo is seeking to artificially engineer lower official statistics of infections and deaths.

Staff (2021-10-30). 'A knife in the heart of Holocaust survivors': Australian police seize Nazi flag near synagogue ahead of Kristallnacht anniversary. rt.com The mayor of Brisbane, Australia has called for a ban on Nazi symbols after a flag with a swastika on it was spotted flying next door to a synagogue just days before the anniversary of the Nazi-era Kristallnacht programs. | The Nazi flag was flown from a window of the neighboring UniLodge student housing complex downtown. The vice president of the Queensland Jewish Board Deputies, Jason Steinberg, told AAP that synagogue-goers noticed the swastika on Saturday morning. | The flag was removed after police arrived at the scene, and a 45-year-old local man was charged with a public nuisance offense. | Steinberg sa…

Chris Hedges (2021-10-29). Julian Assange: The Most Important Battle for Press Freedom in Our Time. globalresearch.ca

Joe Lauria (2021-10-29). Day Two — 'CIA Tried to Kill Assange;' US: 'He's Only Moderately Depressed & Won't Go to Isolation'. globalresearch.ca

Yves Engler (2021-10-29). 'Left Problem' is not Cozying up to bad Guys but Supporting Imperialism. orinocotribune.com By Yves Engler — Oct 28, 2021 | Left media should explore a wide range of critical ideas. But it should try to avoid 'punching down' too often. | Recently new left outlet The Breach published a long interview with Columbia University PhD student Barnaby Raine " It was an odd choice. Unlike The Breach's other stories, there's nothing about Canada in the interview and it's a republication of a radio interview rather than unique content.

Tony Norfield (2021-10-29). Winston Churchill & British Imperialism. globalresearch.ca

Ron Forthofer (2021-10-29). US undercuts the rules-based order. dissidentvoice.org The US has been targeting China by expressing a concern that China does not or will not act according to a 'rules-based' order. This column examines how well the US follows the rules, especially international laws, it played a key role in developing. For example, two key articles in the United Nations Charter stress the …

Monica Cruz (2021-10-29). US lawmakers gut critically-needed social spending bill. peoplesdispatch.org On Thursday, the White House revealed a reduced version of the social program budget proposed by US President Joe Biden The budget originally included a bill allocating $3.5 trillion to bolster public spending on healthcare, public education, clean energy and a host of other programs. The funding would be secured from tax increases on billionaire corporat…

_____ (2021-10-29). Should Parents Get a Say in Education? strategic-culture.org Who decides what is taught in the public schools that are paid for with the tax dollars of the parents who send their children there? | By Patrick J. BUCHANAN | Virginia is a newly blue state, with a Democratic governor and two Democratic senators, that Joe Biden won by 10 points. Hence, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe was an early and solid favorite to regain the office he vacated in 2017. But if McAuliffe loses Tuesday, the defeat will be measured on the Richter scale. | For if he does lose, it will be because of an elitist belief McAuliffe blurted out during a debate with Republican rival Glenn Youngkin: "I'm n…

Henry A. Giroux (2021-10-29). Jim Crow Politics Have Descended on Education. zcomm.org We must refuse to turn education into work stations of right-wing ideology and white supremacy…

WSWS (2021-10-29). COVID rips through UK schools as councils and headteachers reintroduce mitigations against government policy. wsws.org Hundreds of thousands of children have been infected with the Department of Education reporting that around 252 million school days have been missed nationally, in the spring and autumn terms because of COVID-19. This represents 29.4 percent of all school days.

Editor (2021-10-29). Neoliberalism and the crisis of higher education. mronline.org Neoliberalism is the dominant ideology of this historical moment. It includes a belief in the following: the efficiency of the free market and the deregulation and privatization of the public sector that markets require; tax reduction; abandoning the welfare state; and replacing the notion of the public good with a personal responsibility for one's own welfare.

IMEMC (2021-10-29). Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. globalresearch.ca

John O'Looney (2021-10-29). A Letter to UK's Chief Coroners Office on Disturbing COVID and COVID Vaccination Deaths. globalresearch.ca

Jon Rappoport (2021-10-29). Behind Closed Doors: Medical Research Labs. globalresearch.ca

Bangkok Post (2021-10-29). Student Loses Leg after Second Cross-jab, then Dies. globalresearch.ca

Brian Wakamo (2021-10-29). Missing from the Climate Talks: Corporate Powers to Sue Governments Over Extractives Policies. inequality.org

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2021-10-29). Unsubstantiated Rumors About Test of Hypersonic Missile Leads to Escalation of Tensions Between US and China. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Peter McCullough (2021-10-29). Video: Watch Dr. Peter McCullough Talk About COVID Treatment and Vaccination. globalresearch.ca

Aseel Jundi (2021-10-29). Jerusalem Palestinians Fight to Preserve Cemetery Slated for Demolition. globalresearch.ca

Chris Jones (2021-10-29). Zervou Refugee Camp: Silence Is Not an Option for Greece's Samos Island. globalresearch.ca

Andrew Simms (2021-10-29). Polluting the Process: Fossil Fuel Investors and Industries Sponsoring Glasgow's COP26. globalresearch.ca

Matt Sedlar (2021-10-29). Special Drawing Rights: The Beginning of a Paradigm Change? cepr.net To discuss how countries can maximize the impact of the SDRs, on October 4 CEPR Senior Research Fellow Andrés Arauz participated in a panel alongside Nadia Daar of Oxfam International, George Gray Molina of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Patricia Miranda of the Latin American Network for Economic and Social Justice (LATINDADD), and Ceyla Pazarbasioglu of the IMF…

Andrew Korybko (2021-10-29). The Latest Data Proves that Chinese-US Trade Is Mutually Beneficial. globalresearch.ca

Children's Health Defense (2021-10-29). Worldwide Walkouts! Protests against Illegal Covid Mandates. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Peter McCullough (2021-10-29). Video: Dr. Peter McCullough Answered Questions on COVID Vaccines. globalresearch.ca

Joel S. Hirschhorn (2021-10-29). Nearly Two Million Americans Dead from COVID Vaccines, Infections, and Collateral Impacts: Dr. Joel Hirschhorn. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2021-10-29). The Psychological Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic Measures: Lockdowns, Warnings, "Social Distancing", "New Variants". Drastic Increase in Depression and Anxiety. globalresearch.ca

Children's Health Defense (2021-10-29). 'Hundreds of Thousands' of COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Backlogged in VAERS, Analyst Says. globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2021-10-29). This Month's Most Popular Articles. globalresearch.ca Dr. Mike Yeadon, October 23 , 2021 | Kit Knightly, October 25 , 2021…

WSWS (2021-10-29). Scientist Peter Daszak refutes false media allegations about Wuhan research. wsws.org In a letter to the National Institutes of Health made public Thursday, zoologist Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance refuted claims that his organization failed to keep the US government appraised of coronavirus research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Anonymous103 (2021-10-29). Pressure To Dissolve The UN Security Council: Putin Warns Of League Of Nations Revival. What Are The Implications? southfront.org Written by Matthew Ehret-Kump. originally published on Global Research Faced with increasing pressure to dissolve the five member UN Security…

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2021-10-29). Die psychischen Wechselwirkungen von Lockdowns, Warnungen, ‚Äûsocial distancing" und neuen ‚ÄûVarianten" zu einem drastischen Anstieg von Depressionen und Angststà∂rungen. globalresearch.ca

Andrew Korybko (2021-10-29). Why Are Ethiopia's Wheat Imports Being Politicized? globalresearch.ca

Global Research News (2021-10-29). Selected Articles: Scientist Whose Wife Was Injured by COVID Vaccine Tells FDA: 'Please Do Not Give this to Kids'. globalresearch.ca By The late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was South Africa's anti-apartheid revolutionary, who served as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, …

Steve Gillis (2021-10-29). ACT UP Boston demands 'Housing & health care, not jails!'. workers.org Boston ACT UP Boston with the SIF MA NOW! Coalition at the Boston Science March, April 22, 2017. A SIF is a medically supervised injecting facility, a harm-reduction strategy for drug users. WW PHOTO: Steve Gillis. On Oct. 19, Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker, Democrat Attorney General Maura Healy and . . . |

TASS (2021-10-29). Impossible to predict when COVID-19 will become seasonal disease — expert. tass.com Alexander Gorelov also noted that there was no antiviral treatment in the world that could regulate the infection process…

Maia McCall (2021-10-29). Occupy Blackburn: Howard University students demand dignity. liberationnews.org On October 12, in Washington, D.C., dozens of Howard University students began occupying the Blackburn Student Center to protest housing insecurity and a range of associated concerns.

Susan Mizner (2021-10-29). CVS Wants the Supreme Court to Gut Non-Discrimination Protections for People with Disabilities. It Could Set Us Back Decades. aclu.org "I'm sorry, we don't serve people with disabilities."
| "That's okay, I don't eat them." | This is a long-standing joke in the disability community, but it is based in reality. Many younger people might be surprised to learn that, not long ago, people with disabilities could be refused service with impunity. College students with disabilities were — if allowed to go to college — housed in the infirmary, not with their peers. Teachers who used wheelchairs — if able to get a teaching degree — were denied jobs because their wheelchair posed a "fire hazard." | Just decades ago, disabili…

WSWS (2021-10-29). Australia: University of Newcastle Student Association promotes management, defends anti-democratic guidelines. wsws.org The new clubs and societies guidelines serve the purpose of suppressing left-wing student opposition to militarism, inequality and a sweeping pro-business restructure of the university.

WSWS (2021-10-29). Video: The social crisis facing young people and the fight against Australia's anti-democratic electoral laws. wsws.org IYSSE members say, "Students and youth the world over are bearing the brunt of a social crisis brought on by the pro-business official response to the pandemic."

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